What Influence Does Instagram Have In The Fashion Industry?


Social media is on the rise, and it continues to influence users’ buying habits. One of the most influential social media platforms at the moment is Instagram and social media influencers can have great power on it. Instagram is no longer just a platform for sharing pictures and videos, it is a marketing tool that brands are utilizing to accelerate market penetration. Many companies that sell luxury products are embracing Instagram as a marketing tool to engage with their customers, promote new collections, and showcase their portfolios.

As more people sign up for Instagram, its outreach continues to grow significantly, and it is playing a leading role in influencing shopper’s decisions. Instagram has been growing fast over the years and it’s now been over a decade since it was first founded. Since then, influencers, brand building, and speed, are just some ways that Instagram has changed fashion over the past ten years.

More companies and consumers are signing up

What gives Instagram its influence is the number of people who are signed up on the platform. As more people continue to register with Instagram, it means that more people can view product promotion videos and pictures. Some of the most popular brands amongst millennials are active on Instagram such as Calvin Klein, Rolex, Ted Baker, and Gucci. The bigger the audience these fashion brands have, the greater their influence they can potentially have on consumers.

Targeted adverts for their desired audience

In marketing, the ability to reach the target audience determines the influence of a marketing platform. As more people continue spending their time online across social media platforms, retailers and fashion companies have found it easier to make targeted adverts for their customers. Instagram uses targeting features like interests, locations, demographics, and behaviors to deliver relevant information to the right audience. For instance, targeted marketing campaigns by high-end fashion companies enable them to reach their audience conveniently via Instagram.

Instagram has great visual appeal for users

Unlike Youtube or Twitter, Instagram is primarily a visual image based platform. When it comes to influencing shoppers, whether for clothes or other purchases, visual appeal plays a big significant role. High-quality product photography helps ensure that shoppers have plenty of purchase choices by offering more in-depth details that allow them to make informed decisions. Businesses and top fashion brands are using Instagram to promote high-resolution photographs of their new products, fashion lines, and latest seasonal collections. The platform has allowed marketers to develop better advertisement content, which can have a more substantial influence on buyers than other media like radio and television.

Engaging customers where they are

Instagram has over 850 million subscribers globally, with more than 130 million in the United States. The numbers indicate a vast audience in which many companies, both big and small, should be interested. As more people continue to sign up to Instagram, its global influence will continue to rise. More millennials are spending their time on social media platforms, especially on Instagram, and sellers are able to utilize the platform to reach and communicate with them effectively. The vast audience that the platform has makes it one of the top tools used by businesses to influence potential customers.

Posts are becoming more popular than words

Many people no longer want to read long text and captions associated with adverts. Instead, they want to quickly visualize a product, see what is available online, and take a look at the latest fashion trends. Instagram posts help simplify information for a target audience and fashion inspiration and products can easily be showcased by brands on the main feed, Insta Stories, Reels, or IGTV. If an Instagram video is properly designed with good visuals, it has the potential to go viral and stay in the minds of the target audience. This can make Instagram a lot more influential on shoppers today compared to other advertisement platforms like television adverts, radio ads, and billboards.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.