Traveling in Comfort and Style


Reaching the destination of the long-awaited holidays is a fundamental part of the journey and for this reason, it is necessary to face everything in the right way. Thus, why not treat yourself to an escape every now and then? The days before departure are a succession of preparations for the destination, whether near or far. But what about the journey?

Getting dressed to travel is an art, thus very special conditions, micro-climates, and unexpected events are concentrated. Whether by car, plane, or train, here all the stylish tips on how to face the adventure.

By car

The journey by car is one of the most popular ways to get around, even for long journeys from sunrise to sunset or vice versa. Like on a plane, it is advisable to wear comfortable clothing, but this does not mean being “sloppy”. Opt for wide or jersey pants and soft skirts, preferably long. Jackets, preferably short, not bulky, allows you to move easily. If you have to drive, choose flat and closed shoes, while if you are traveling all the time as a passenger you can opt for the heel.

By plane

Air travel is usually the longest to tackle, especially when you reach overseas destinations. Flying in style means:

Inside your hand luggage, remember to put your travel necessaire: a moisturizing cream or spray, books or iPad, or various mini-technology to keep you busy during the trip. You might consider trying to play some fun free slots. Nowadays it’s a fact that online casinos platform are becoming increasingly popular and at hand. Thus, why not try to enjoy it?

Furthermore, choose a shoulder bag, it will allow you to have your hands free for the passport and the ticket while boarding the plane. Do not forget a pashmina or a scarf that takes up little space once folded, so you can easily slip it into your bag and wear it if necessary when the air conditioning starts to become unbearable. More so, try to choose space-saving outerwear and soft clothing, in fabrics that do not wrinkle easily (such as jerseys) or on the contrary those fabrics that once crumpled acquire charm (such as linen). A little trick: yes to dark colors, they won’t show stains. Avoid constricting or structured garments. Flat shoes: the killer heel and trolley combination, especially when running towards the gate, is not a pretty sight.

On the train

If you have decided to travel by train, you will find many similarities with the plane trip. The first is the merciless air conditioning: dressing like onions while traveling is always a good idea, as is pashmina. Don’t overload yourself with luggage, two is already too much. You will have to drag them around through very uncomfortable corridors and passages. Choose them small and light, you won’t always find a gentleman to load them on the luggage rack for you. Last, but not least of the others: sunglasses. To shelter you from the light, from the looks of others, to mask tiredness or sleepless nights. Whatever the means, sunglasses while traveling are a must, useful, and glam.

Extra tips:

Always wear the right shoes

You may or may not notice it, but your feet are always a central element of appearance when it comes to fashion style in general. Leather shoes are quite essential, and shoes made of velour are also very popular. No matter what the fashion trend is right now, make sure shoes are clean, polished, and showable.

The unwritten dress code

If you’re attending a meal in a restaurant, booking a luxury hotel, or maybe heading to a party, don’t expect there to be a dress code. This is because it is presupposed. You have to show your respect in your clothes in accordance with the level of the place you are going to or the people you will be with. Trying to dress nicely is always appreciated.

Short conclusion

Like on any vacation, the history, culture, tradition, beauty, and food we access should be well organized in order to get the maximum benefit from them and not be subject to mistakes in the organization. For example, choosing the best place to stay or the best season to book a hostel can be an essential and elementary aspect of the decision-making process.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.