Extravagant Hairstyles and Hair Colors for Women

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11. In order to combine colorful accents with super messy and super curly details, you can create very effective and great dos, which will rather look like a wig!

12. You can also experiment with the combinations of short and long hair, keeping the top extremely short, even shorter than a pixie, and match it with the long hair left for the lower part.

mid-length layered haircuts

Photo Source: Pinterest

13. Getting that Cleopatra bangs and, of course, matching it with the straight hair you already have something special. In addition, of you add some patterns to the whole look, even creating such crazy options like leopard print resembling ones, you can have something absolutely second-to-none. You can even try out these patterns and looks with blunt bobs.

how to style your bob with bangs this summer

Photo By @capellistyle.it/Instagram

14. Iridescent accents on the black background do look effective, especially if you put them into a messy and super effortless updo.

15. Styling a super short pixie with the jet-black crown and front part and the dramatic stripy pattern for the back made of white and orange is probably the craziest thing you may go for.

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