Everything About Ear Piercings: Types of Ear Piercings, History & More

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6. Auricle Piercing

This is a type of cartilage piercing that is done in the center of the ear, rather than at the top. Since there is usually less space in that part of the ear, the earrings should be smaller, and the effect is much softer.

Types of Ear Piercings: Auricle Piercing


7. Tragus Piercing

The tragus is an oval shaped piece of cartilage that juts out from the center of the ear, and piercing it has become quite popular in recent years. It is a painful piercing, although it doesn’t require any more healing time than your average helix piercing.

Types of Ear Piercings: Tragus Piercing


8. Anti-Tragus Piecing

The anti-tragus refers to the inner piece of cartilage on the opposite side from the tragus – for many people, there is not enough space jutting out to actually pierce it.

Types of Ear Piercings: Anti-Tragus Piercing


9. Conch Piercing

The conch is the large, curved expanse of cartilage in the ear, and piercing it requires a barbell or a fairly large hoop.

Types of Ear Piercings: Conch Piercing


10. Outer Conch Piercing

Despite the name, this is technically a cartilage or helix piercing that is done a little further away from the edge of the ear.

Types of Ear Piercings: Outer Conch Piercing


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