Top 5 at Home Self-care Treatments


Self-care can be the best if you know how to organize your time and treatments right. While work and home life make up most of our daily and weekly tasks, it is imperative that we find time to care for ourselves. If your family members are able to get their alone time frequently, then you are entitled to having self-care allotted time either day or at least once a week. Only you can make sure that you are receiving said self-care on a regular basis. Take a look at these 5 self-care tips that you can do consistently.

#1 – Rolling and Massaging your Muscles

Working at a desk can be stressful for the back and even shoulders, which affect your posture and cause ache to your spine. All of this can be fixed with some tender love and care. Your body goes through a lot throughout the workday. Even if it isn’t a physically exhausting job, stress can still be held in the body and it is usually in the shoulders.

This simple method can be done with a wet towel. Simply heat up the wet towel – either in the microwave for about 30 seconds or in a simmering pot of water for a couple of minutes. Once the towel has been heated up, you leave it out to cool a bit until it resembles your preferred hot shower temperature. Find a quiet place to sit and relax, or even take a bath while doing this, and place the hot towel on your shoulders. Roll your neck from side to side and focus on not tensing any muscles in the upper body. You can do this for at least 10 minutes or before the towel goes cold. Then it is time to roll out your shoulder muscles with either a foam roller, or a tennis ball. Be sure not to put too much pressure with your hand, and use the wall to hold your roller then leaning against it to control how much pressure.

#2 – Skincare Regimen

Any time you have a face wash or mask, it generally stated that it should be taken twice a week. So why not do it at least twice a week. Maybe on Mondays and Fridays you do skincare. This is usually done with a cleanser, and or face scrub, followed by a facemask for about 10 minutes then topped off with a moisturizer. The key to any regimen is to take your time. Your skin needs time to absorb all of the nutrients and in order to fight off any bacteria or residue from makeup.

This can be a great regimen to do on days where you take that hot towel and roll out your neck and shoulders. Creating a self-care combo!

#3 – Meditating or Yoga

Daily exercises can be scary when you are not as active as you would like to be. All you need to do is start small and work your way up to longer or more frequent exercises. Even 30 minutes a day can go a long way. It is more beneficial to being your day with movements and stretching. With meditation and/or yoga practice, every morning will allow you to let go of any left over stress from the day before and wake the body up from the inside out. Put on some relaxing music or download a meditation app and stretch it out while breathing deeply. After lying in bed for hours, your body needs some time to adjust to the day that lies ahead. Start your day with this and you will feel energized before even having your coffee.

#4 – Exercise or Dance Class

Working out from home is the new thing. As a nation, we have gym equipment on back order and sold out exercise bands. Even if you don’t have actual work out gear, there are still plenty of classes you can follow along and get your daily or weekly exercise in. From YouTube, to Instagram live and even Zoom, the virtual workout life is growing more every single day. Need clothes to work out in and don’t have time to go to the store? There are plenty of online options where you can get women’s dance-wear. It is never too late to take on a beginner ballet class or get moving with classical modern. The first step is dressing the part and making the space. You can be in your home and keep the confidence level up without any onlookers. You can learn new skills, be creative and burn those calories all at the same time. Classic win win situation.

#5 – Try out Hair Mask

Another regiment that should be repeated weekly is hair treatment or hair masks. This is more of a project at times, especially with long hair. You can either do a home made mask with natural ingredients or buy a good quality cruelty free hair mask from your local CVS or online stores. Without hydrating and stimulating the hair follicles often, your hair tends to get dry, which can cause major breakage and damage.

These days we just throw our hair up in the bun, grab our coffee and begin work meetings right on time. In order to keep your hair healthy and vibrant, it is up to you to put aside time to rejuvenate or keep up the glow you might already have going on. So twice a week do a 10 to 15 minutes hair mask after showering the night before. Leave it on while you care for the skin to get the full self-care experience.

Self-care is necessary and unavoidable if you want to not only feel good, but also look good. Beauty and self-care start from the inside from your mental state of mind and extend to the outside to your glowing skin and radiant hair. Taking a few minutes a day or a couple of hours a week to focus on yourself and only yourself will change your life for the better. Or help keep you stay consistent with self-care in general. Give it a shot and try two of these out today if you can. Your body will be grateful and you will feel the change almost instantly!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.