Should You Wear Different Perfume In The Winter?


Several factors go into choosing a certain type of perfume or fragrance. Some of these factors include personal taste, culture, or even the season of the year. Speaking of the season, certain perfumes are produced specifically for the summer season, and then there are those made strictly for winters.

Temperatures have a big impact on the way certain perfumes are perceived. For instance, hot summer temperatures intensify fragrance notes, whereas the cold season makes it harder for them to evaporate. This is one of the many differences that we are going to talk about in this article.

Differences between Summer and Winter Perfumes

It’s all about barbecues, outdoor activities, and adventures like on the beach and cocktail celebrations for Summers. If you’re all about that kind of lifestyle, you need to make sure that your perfume compliments you the way you want it to in the hot season.

Summer perfumes are lighter than their winter counterparts as they consist of less powerfully lingering base notes. That’s why most recommend swapping out some of the heavier scented perfumes with lighter ones as it can be overwhelming in the summer. The more delicate perfumes will offer a more fresh and airy smell.

On the other hand, winter perfumes are made with warmer and heavier scents as our body temperatures are typically lower. Because of this, a summer perfume feels a bit muted.

Now we’re going to show you what types of scents to choose for summer and what to choose for winter.

What Perfumes Are Best for Summer?

As we’ve said earlier, only light and fresh perfumes and fragrances are appropriate for the season you’re currently experiencing. And since it’s hot in the summer, we suggest choosing cooler fragrances to keep your skin hydrated as best as possible.

Super fresh citrus scents are what work best for girls during summer. They’re fruity, sexy, and fresh. Besides this, we also recommend fragrances like green teas, and florals such as tuberose, frangipani, and jasmine.

Although light florals are excellent for summer, some florals have to be avoided as well as other heavenly potent aromas. We’re talking about staying clear from patchouli, heavenly floral blends, vanilla, sugar aromas, and rich orientals.

Making Scents Last Longer in the Summer

To prevent your fragrance from evaporating quickly in the summer, you need to layer it using oil or body lotion products. Just make sure not to overdo it on the layering. For better results, prepare the skin beforehand and make sure to use unscented lotions and soaps on your skin, so it doesn’t interfere with your perfume’s scent.

Now we’ll show you how to choose the ideal winter perfume.

How to Choose a Winter Perfume

1.   Understand the Basics

In summer, it is all about light fragrances, the only logical solution is to go heavy in winter. Although perfume scents are known to evaporate during summer, they can fade away much quicker during the cooler months because the skin is dry. That’s why a heavier perfume is recommended to stick to our skin for longer.

Another thing that we should keep in mind when choosing a winter perfume is the base notes. Perfumes consist of top, middle, and base notes. We are emphasizing base notes because they’re the heaviest part of a fragrance that takes longer to fade away. Some of the common base notes you need to prioritize for the winter are sandalwood, vanilla, and patchouli.

Also, make sure that you pick up a perfume or Eau de parfum instead of cologne. Colognes are 5% scent, whereas Eau de parfum is about 15 to 18% scent. However, it can also be possible for perfumes to go up to 30% scent. The bottom line, a stronger, heavier scent is more essential in winter than in summer.

2.   Choose a Winter Person Category

Winter is the one time of the year when the weather is cold, and there are plenty of sweet flavors to sample. Think about the best Christmas case you had.

Likewise, pick a perfume in the chillier season that is similar in fragrance to your favorite dessert. To be more precise, gourmand fragrances are what you should be aiming for as they’re sweet and remind us of sugary things. Some of the best gourmand perfumes you can sample are Candy by Prada, Shay, and Blue’s Salted Caramel or Guerlain’s Le Petite Robe Noire.

If you prefer something that’s warm, then we suggest opting for a spicy scent. Some of the most common winter spices that you may be affiliated with include nutmeg, cardamom, or cinnamon. These types of scents are regarded as Orientals that have an exotic and rich aroma to them. A classic example of this scent is Guerlain’s Shalimar.

Earthy and woody scents are also ideal for winter due to their heavy, rich scent that reminds us of burning wood and pine trees. Other choices include oakmoss, labdanum, and patchouli. They’re also sometimes paired with citrusy.

3.   Sample it out

After familiarizing yourself with the scent that you’re looking for, it’s time to sample your ideal perfume.

To look for your preferred fragrance, you could try attempting a fragrance quiz online. This is a choice for those who are often overwhelmed at perfume counters. So to ease the stress, online quizzes are a more manageable option. This is a good place to start before you go shopping. Just perform a simple search of a fragrance quiz through any search engine, and you’re good to go.

If you just want to go straight to the shopping and apply a few samples on yourself, then we suggest you go in without spritzing yourself with any prior fragrances. This means no putting on body lotions or body washes beforehand. That way, you’ll have a better idea about the kind of scent that belongs to the perfume you desire.

Sample out a particular product on your skin, most preferably the wrist. You’ll especially want to know how a certain perfume interacts with your skin and overall body chemistry. What is a better way of knowing the perfume right for you than applying it on your very own skin?

If you’d like to try other samples, then instead of applying on your other wrist or arm, try spritzing on a card or a testing stick. Usually, perfume counters keep coffee beans to clear away your nostril of previous smells to help you decipher better between scents.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.