How You Can Dress More Comfortably while Pregnant


Pregnancy changes your entire body, and that means that some of the clothes you used to wear won’t fit you anymore, won’t be as modest or will simply be uncomfortable. You may still enable to wear some of the clothes in your closet, but you will have to be careful about what you put on before you go out for the day. You don’t want to regret your fashion choices a few hours later and not be able to change because you are away from home.

Here are some tips that will help you make comfy choices for your body during pregnancy.

Wear loose-fitting Clothes

The reason you see a lot of women wearing loose clothes while they are getting ready to have a baby is not because they are ashamed of their form. They aren’t trying hide their body. It’s often more likely a case that their body and skin are more sensitive. They don’t want anything hugging tight to their body or touching their skin sometimes, so loose-fitting clothing allow them to move more freely and comfortably.

You will likely find a lot of relief by wearing some loose-fitting clothing yourself, especially toward the tail end of the pregnancy. If you are feeling uncomfortable, clammy, sweaty or are experiencing sensitive skin, then you should visit Gynae Singapore to get some answers about dealing with these pregnancy symptoms.

Wear Something Lightweight

With a baby in your belly, you are already carrying around a lot of weight. Why add to that by wearing heavy clothes? We say choose lighter fabrics that won’t be such a burden to you. They may feel nice when you first put them on, but by the end of the day, they could be heavy on you. Light fabrics and light clothes overall will make for a much pleasanter experience for you, especially since pregnancy can make you sweat easily and can make your skin feel irritated easily. Lighter fabrics have a lighter touch to them, so they will feel like you are hardly wearing anything, which can be a blessing when you are well into your pregnancy.

Get Good Support

Your breasts can feel practically pendulous as they expand during pregnancy and breastfeeding. You’ll be carrying more weight in your chest, so you want a bra that is supportive, strong and comfortable. You may need to change up bras while pregnant and then go back to the smaller, other ones afterwards. If you have to wears a bra all day long, you’ll definitely be thankful for the support they offer. Your gynecologist pregnancy specialist can advise you about what’s expected during pregnancy, including changes to your breast size and breast sensitivity.

Leave the High Heels in the Closet

You may look great in a pair of three-inch stilettos, but you would do best to avoid high heels while pregnant. The heavier you get, the easier it is to topple, and high heels just set you up for a fall. All it takes is a slippery surface, an incline, a crack or a snag to take a tumble while in high heels. You can protect yourself and the baby by wearing flats, sandals, sneakers or something else that doesn’t offer a high heel.

High heels also cause you to have aching back, because of the way they make your back arch. You naturally have to stand a little awkwardly to pull off the high heels look, and that can be tough on your already stressed back during pregnancy. You can consult with Dr. PK Tan of PK Women’s Clinic to find out about what medication you can use to help with backaches and what you can do to prevent back injury and soreness throughout the day and while sleeping.  

Dress for Good Circulation

A final tip we want to leave you with is to dress in a way that permits a free flow of blood through the body. Watch out for socks or shoes that are too tight. Avoid belts, garters and scarves that are too restricting. Even your hat should be loose-fitting to ensure that blood can flow freely. You will avoid enlarged veins with this smart fashion choice.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.