Throwback: 15 of The Weirdest Beauty Trends

Bold Rainbow Hair Colors In Honor Of Pride Month
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6. Shattered Glass Effect Nails

This time around Koreans are rocking. Who could guess that the iridescent shell of a snail spotted at the Abalone Sea was to inspire Eunkyung Park, owner of Unistella Salon in Seoul, South Korea, to create special cellophane and install the fragments of it over nail polish for the shocking shattered glass nail effect? The idea was to cut the mustard and now we can spot many nails transformed into blue, green or purple glasses as if shattered unexpectedly.

7. Red Lipstick as Concealer?

Yes, first we were stupefied by rumors, then impatient to get closer to the new technique and finally sighing with a relief that it really works, even better than the regular under eye concealer. Just give a try to this innovative weird beauty trick applying a red lipstick to camouflage dark circles and you will be mesmerized by its au naturel effect.

8. Face Contouring Art

The face contouring makeup technique has already stood the test of time as a very effective method to build flawless and defined face, but when the contour in not blended, it is all about facial art. Whether contouring is abstract or clown-worthy or bringing into play images of leaves or flowers and recently also Christmas-inspired snowflakes and New Year trees we are equally bewildered by the fact that human face can also serve as a canvas.

9. Fake Temporary Freckles

Once girls were obsessed with the idea to conceal or get rid of facial freckles, while now it’s all about bringing them back. One of the recent weird beauty trends comes to be special stencils applied on the face with freckled effect afterwards. Makeup-free face, fresh and youthful freckled girl! Why not give it a try?

10. Dyeing Armpit Hair

If there is one 2015 beauty trend that leaves us literally thunderstruck, it is the always-bothersome armpit hair that is no longer distressing but on the contrary screaming to be captured and published on social accounts. Armpit hair dyed in neon green, pink or purple colors, at times even sprinkled with glitters is a thing now, a crazy trend crossing the mind of the American eccentric singer Miley Cyrus.

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Written by Anush Hovhannisyan
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