How to Style a Fall Sweaterdress


We posted earlier this week about making fall fashion work for you in 2020 with the transitional sweaterdress. Now, we’re here to discuss in greater detail the best ways you can style your sweaterdress. There are so many ways to style these transitional pieces. It’s all about picking the way that compliments your character or how you are feeling on any particular day.

With a Belt or Without a Belt?


What are you trying to say with your look today? Adding a belt around the waist of your sweaterdress says that you are stylish and put together. It adds a touch more professionalism to your look overall. If you’re feeling put-together and want to look more traditionally stylish, this is the look for you. Think about wearing a sweater dress that is a touch tighter around your curves, as well. But what if you’re feeling a little more casual? Some want their look to come off grungier or more like street style. Then go for a baggier sweater dress and stick with the look without wearing a belt. The looser the sweater dress, the more casual and nonchalant the look becomes. You can easily style your look in a way that tells everyone you don’t care how you look- even if you secretly do.

The Perfect Shoes


How you style your feet changes up the look of your sweater dress entirely. If you’re stuck inside and just want to be comfortable, stick with matching fuzzy socks for optimum comfort! But what if you want to class up your look? If you’re the girl who happened to choose the belt above for your look today, then you’ll want a cute pair of boots and leggings to go with your sweater dress. What if you’re more the casual type? If you’d prefer a casual look, then you probably decided to go without the belt. I’d choose a cute pair of sneakers and leggings to go with your sweater dress. Sweater dresses are great because you can wear sneakers with them, too, unlike other dresses you could pick to wear. So, cute fall boots or sneakers for your look today?

The Jacket

Since fall doesn’t get too terribly cold and you have already chosen to wear a sweaterdress, when going out, you can choose just a light jacket. There are so many cute styles to pick from, but when wearing a sweater dress, think about picking a cropped leather or pleather jacket to go with it. Usually a nice light brown goes with many different sweater dress colors. Match your boots to your jacket for extra style points.

Additional Accessories


Finally, finish up your look with a cute hate, winter gloves, hoop earrings, or a nice necklace. Utilize these pieces to play and make it your own! Cute beanies, berets, hoop earrings, a small gold chain, and/or a nice new haircut are the perfect choices to finalize your look! Fall style is the most fun to play with. It’s the beginning of a new cycle of fashion, and we can’t wait to see the looks you come up with.


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Written by Malorie Mackey
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