Makeup Tips: How to Wear Neons

It’s no wonder that eclectic neons instantly become a magnet for attention- be it a small accessory detail in this flashy hue, clothes or neon makeup. These look-at-me hues are the best thing for daring and confident girls who want to turn heads and stand out in the crowd in the trendiest way. Neons look great on every skin tone and complement almost every look. These eye-pampering colors are especially ideal for the warm, sunshine days and transitional days into fall and can instantly get you into a bright mood. So if you want to bring some liveliness and freshness into your look and flaunt your cheerful, bold side, find out the most alluring ways of sporting the neon beauty trend and shine in the sun.

Neon Lips

easy neon makeup looks for summer

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Lips are the most sensitive parts of a woman’s face and when they are highlighted well, they can look even more luscious and seductive. Eclectic lips can look amazing especially when paired with classic black eyeliner. Go for vibrant fuchsia or neon orange lip colors, which especially complement fair skin tones.

Neon Eyes: Eyeshadow

easy neon makeup looks for summer

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Eyes are the window to the soul, so make sure to pamper your eyes with some neon shades and make your soul appear even more vibrant and full of life. Neon eyeshadows can look elegant and gorgeous, if worn properly. To look bright, but not vulgar wearing a neon eyeshadow, match your favorite neon eye color with a natural one for the perfect beauty balance. For instance, you can apply some yellow eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes and a neutral brown tone to the lids. Make sure to blend the shades carefully and your trendy beauty combo is ready to dazzle!

Neon Eyes: Eyeliner

neon blue makeup looks

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If you aren’t that daring to use a neon eyeshadow, start your neon beauty experiments with a neon eyeliner. Choose a green, blue or purple eyeliner and wear it on a clean face for the best results. This will make your eyes pop like nothing else and will brighten up your look.

Neon Cheeks

how to wear neon makeup for fall

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Not actually neon, but heavily blushed cheeks are one of the trendiest ways of nailing down the neon makeup trend. This makeup trick will make your look brighter. It shows how amazing and even sophisticated the neon beauty trend can be.

Neon Nails

Neon-Nail-Designs-To-Finish-Off-Summer-With-Style green pink neon nails

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If you love neons, but aren’t that brave to wear neon clothes or neon makeup, neon nails can become a perfect accessory for your neutral outfits. Think coral, orange or bright pink nail colors, if you have a warm skin tone, or go for yellow, blue or purple, if your skin tone is cool.

As you can see, it’s really easy to nail down the neon beauty trend and make a statement in the sunshine season. Now go and experiment with these tricks to find out which one works best for you.


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