These Are the Best Hairstyles for Black Men


Hairstyles can define entire eras, as is the case of the afro or the mohawk. You also have haircuts that remain timeless, fitting every occasion. Men and women carry each year with a hairstyle that defines both the trend and individuality, and it keeps changing.

While 2020 kept people under lockdown due to the pandemic, you can still find a few good hairstyles that are easy to maintain throughout quarantine.

We are currently halfway through the year, and this time, we can change that outlook with some ideas on the hairstyles that you should try out. So, here are some hairstyles for black men that can bring out the best look for this year.

Read on to see a good number of hairstyle ideas with some neat combinations that you can try out.

1. Short and Crisp Style

One style that you can try out is something that looks clean and iconic. You never go wrong with a short cut as it works with any style, whether you like it casual or you like a clean and neat look. A good advantage of this hairstyle is that it is easy to maintain and style.

Rocking out a suit, a hoodie, or a shirt and a pair of jeans. Whichever you choose, this hairstyle complements the look you go with.

2. Buzz Cut Line Up Haircut

This combination of haircuts for black men accents the clean look just as much as the first one. It works well for men with sharp features on their faces, especially with the jawline and cheek. It has a simple yet cool approach that makes it stand out.

It’s best coupled with a taper fade on the sides for a classy appearance.

3. Line Up with Waves

The next set of nice haircuts for black guys involves 360 waves. You can check out how to get waves on your style for a few ideas on how it works.

Now for this style, it uses the buzz cut and combines the style with the help of a good wave brush and some pomade. This adds a different dimension to the look, one that fits perfectly with a thick, full beard.

4. Mid Fade with Textured Waves

Combining the mid fade with some waves adds texture for the cut. Going for the mid fade on the sides adds this waviness that starts on the top. This works well for curly hair, especially when styled with a wave brush.

It gives out a youthful look that works during casual days.

5. Low Afro Fade with Long Twists

Another style you can try with curly hair is this cut. Go for a low afro fade for an easy transition for a textured top, then dabble with the long twists for a full look with personality. It adds a stylish transition that can start a nice trend for the day.

6. Cornrows

Among the numerous hairstyles for black men, cornrows continue to be trendy that fits any age bracket. If you want to grow your hair but keep it manageable and stylish, this is the hairstyle that you should try out.

An experienced stylist can help you achieve this look and it is a good starting point if you plan to grow your hair long enough to pull off the afro or a similar style.

7. Wavy Low Fade

Pulling off a good combination between a temp fade and a 360 wave can get you eye-catching results. You get a style that accents sharp clean lines with a slight fade. Combined with a full beard with the proper shape up and you get a clean look with a more masculine touch.

This is one style where you can always look your best.

8. Flat Top

The flat top continues to dazzle with its defined features. While conducted to resemble a crew cut, the flat top has that distinct neat cut on the top head hair.

Maintaining the style just needs some daily application of gel or wax. You will also need frequent trims to keep it neat and good looking.

You can combine this with some lines for more distinction and uniqueness or some fade variations for more character and neatness.

If you want a hairstyle that doesn’t require much work, this is a good one to go for.

9. Curled Mohawk

A mohawk has a distinct style with how it leaves the sides short and sweet for a fade to come through. Add texture to this with a curled mohawk to get a clear but unexpected edge to your hairstyle.

Combining the twists and curls on the top with the good mix of sharp lines and the slight fade. You can even sport this with a shaped-up beard for a masculine push. Or you can sport a clean shave for a youthful yet daring appearance.

10. Dreaded High Fade

Combining a high fade with some dreads is something that you can put a creative twist with. This hairstyle gives you that opportunity to put these two together.

For instance, sport short dreads alongside a high to the skin fade. Setting the braids up top adds an accent to the look, especially when you have bleached ends. This works perfectly when you set the dreads up in a high ponytail or bun.

What you get is the distinct sharp lines with the fade making its transition, while you have an upbeat style with the dreads up top.

Play Around with These Great Hairstyles for Black Men

With a good look at these hairstyles for black men, you may have some ideas to work with. Find a hairstyle that brings out your best features, one that matches your look and disposition. Once you have that, check with the stylist.

You will end up with a great hairstyle that can define this year, one that you can rock out with confidence.

Did you find a hairstyle that fits your face and fashion sense? We have more like this one, talking about fashion, style, and more. You can check out our selection of articles today and read on to learn more!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.