50 Lovely Purple & Lavender Hair Colors in Balayage and Ombre

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Pastels are in right now, and what better shade of pastel than ultra flattering and feminine lavender hair? Lavender, lilac and purple hair colors are an excellent choice, because they are unusual but also very soft and subtle. If you’re thinking of taking the pale purple plunge, I have some pretty purple hair color ideas coming up for you! This article is all about how to choose the best shade of lavender for your hair, how to take care of your lavender hair, how to match your outfit and makeup to your purple hairstyles, and last but not least, I have 50 awesome purple and lavender hair color ideas coming up!

How to Choose Your Purple Hair Colors

So we’ve talked you into this daring yet feminine color palette? Awesome! Now you just have to choose which purple hair colors to work with.

As usual, those with warm undertones to their skin (for example, yellow or olive) will look better with warm shades of lilac and magenta. Those with a cool undertone to their skin (pinkish shades) will look better with cooler shades, like the classic pastel lavender or a deep violet. Those with neutral undertones to their skin can get away with any shade of purple hair under the sun.

However, shades of purple hair also lend themselves really well to analogue color schemes, where both cool and warm shades are used. If you really love the look of the cool metallic lavender, but your skin is super warm, you can simply add a touch of lilac balayage near your face ” it’ll both give your look a lot of depth, and will also flatter your skin tone. The reverse is ideal for those with cool undertones to their skin.

If you’re nervous about damaging your roots, and constantly having to re-dye them, you can consider getting a lavender balayage or ombre purple hair. You can keep your roots a natural color, and simply let them grow out.

A Few Other Things to Consider about Purple Hairstyles

Before taking the plunge you should remember that it takes a lot of work to achieve unnatural hair colors, like lavender.

Lavender and purple hair colors fade very quickly, and require frequent salon visits for maintenance.

• If your hair is naturally darker, your hair will have to be bleached, probably multiple times, before it can be dyed pale lavender or vivid violet shades.

• Dyeing hair frequently comes with a bit of damage, so you want to make sure your hair is very healthy and moisturized.

Purple Hairstyles Require Some Maintenance

Dyed hair always requires more maintenance than virgin hair (i.e. undyed hair). However, if you choose an unnatural color you will need considerably more maintenance, because the hair does not want to keep those colors in. Here are some purple hair maintenance tips:

• Before as well as after dyeing your hair purple, get in the habit of doing nourishing hair masks, using ingredients that will strengthen the hair shaft, like coconut oil.

• Switch to a sulfate free shampoo that will preserve the dye and won’t strip your hair of oils.

• Consider adding a bit of semi-permanent purple dye to your condition, so with every wash you will refresh your color.

Fashion Tips for Purple Hair

Because purple is a secondary color, it is actually a lot easier to work with than primary colors like, blue or red! When putting together an outfit, after making the switch to purple hair, consulting the color wheel is important; however, you still have a ton of choices!

• If you want an outfit that will really pop, choose yellow, which is opposite from purple on the color wheel.

• You can go for an analog effect by wearing shades of lilac and magenta, or indigo and blue; just be careful, or it might look too twee.

• Orange or red on their own would be difficult to pair with lavender hair, but throwing in another shade like green or turquoise could balance things out.

• When it doubt, black, grey, and white are excellent neutrals!

Makeup Tips for Lavender and Purple Hair Colors

My makeup mantra is “there are no rules ” only guidelines’. You can do whatever the heck you want, but I have some suggestions that will hopefully make it easier.

For the Eyebrows: With really pale, cool hair, your best bet is to choose a grey taupe color that is maybe just a shade darker than your purple hair. If you’ve chosen a warmer lilac shade, a taupe that leans toward red is the way to go.

For the Eyes: In a similar fashion to crafting an outfit, the color wheel is once again your friend. Yellows and golds will seriously pop, while matching lavender and rose shades to your hair will be very soft. Going neutral is always safe, but if you want to look like a real makeup maven, a bold green smokey eye could be really stylish.

For the Cheeks and Lips: Don’t be too matchy-matchy with your purple hair and lip or blush color, but do try to stick to the same undertone. If you’ve gone for a very cold lavender hair shade, a cooler lipstick will look better than an orangey red one. With warm lilac hair, since there is still a bit of blue undertone present, you could rock almost any shade of lipstick.

How to Maintain Lavender Hair Colors


How to Find the Perfect Stylist for Your Purple Hair

Purple hairstyles are not most people’s cup of tea, so most stylists and color technicians don’t have experience dyeing hair lavender. You really can’t go into any old salon, and expect to leave with perfect lilac hair.

Look for an edgier salon in your city, and go on their website or instagram. Look for examples of the exact kind of dye job that you want. If you’re going for more user-friendly lavender balayage hair, make sure the artists you’re looking at are not only good at creating vivid colors and charming pastels, but are also great at balayages and hair painting.

Read reviews of the stylist and the salon, especially ones that talk about how well their hair looked after fading a little. You want your hair to look good not only when you leave the salon, but also a few weeks afterwards when some of the color has faded.

50 Mesmerizing Lavender & Purple Hair Color Ideas

So you’re doing it? Awesome! I’ve got you covered with some gorgeous pictures of lavender and purple hair color ideas!

1. Purple Haze

What a better way to start than with a smoky lavender hair look? This gorgeous gradient begins dark gray, and slowly the color fades into a smoky lavender, with bright lilac tips. It’s cool for winter, and ideal for those with neutral-pink skin tones.

2. Lavender Balayage Crimp

Crimped lavender balayage hair is the perfect look for anyone going to an ’80s themed party, but rest assured that even blow dried, this Guy Tang balayage would be full of depth and character.

Lovely Purple & Lavender Hair Colors in Balayage and Ombre


3. Flower Garden Double Ponytail

This mixture of violet and lavender hair colors in this look reminds me of a beautiful and fragrant spring garden. The effect of the messy curls and crown double ponytail is soft, romantic and perfect for spring.

4. Retro Purple Gradient Curls

1940s curls are ultimate sleekness and sophistication, even if you choose unusual gradient shades of violet and purple hair colors. By keeping the roots dark you ensure that maintenance will be painless.

Lovely Purple & Lavender Hair Colors in Balayage and Ombre


5. Purple Ombre Mind-Blowing Double Braid

This ombre dark black to lavender hair color is lovely, but it also shows how great ombres lend themselves to awesome hairstyling. This purple hairstyle is basically a side fishtail braid that is incorporated into a Dutch braid ” the effect is kind of like that of a visual illusion painting, it’s hard to tell where it starts and where it ends.

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Written by Maya Adivi
Maya is a makeup artist and skincare expert based in Yerevan, Armenia. She eschews buzz words, in favour of giving accurate and science-based advice. A citizen of the world, she was born in Israel, and has also lived in the US, Canada, and, of course, Armenia. Aside from beauty, she is also passionate about literature, beer, politics, and playing the ukulele.