Things To Consider When Choosing A Proper Makeup Storage


Anyone who has a slight idea of the professional makeup industry knows the invaluable importance of a proper makeup case. Makeup cases vary in a variety of departments, such as portability, materials, and compartmentalization. Therefore, choosing one which matches your needs is a sophisticated task. 

Purchasing an organized and efficient makeup bag, such as the Luvo Store Makeup Organiser, can save a lot of time looking for “that eyeliner” or “that lipstick”. You also prevent the heartache of broken and entangled products enmeshed into each other like spilled color.

A proper makeup case will provide you a host of benefits. Its portability will ensure you’re able to carry your makeup kit safely to long distances. Good quality makeup storages are also designed to keep your cosmetics organized and accessible.

There are also a variety of other factors that you need to factor in your final choice. What size will match your needs best? Will a simple one-pocket bag serve you best or a multifunction, many pocket juggernauts? What about the brand? How will you make sure you’re not buying a case that’s of an inferior quality?

Thankfully, we’ve discussed these factors in-depth to help you buy the right makeup storage for your cosmetic needs.

Determine Your Needs

First and foremost, you need to narrow down your purpose. Why are you buying makeup storage, to begin with? Is it because you travel a lot, or you just need to clean out the mess on your dressing table? If you’re purchasing makeup storage for traveling, then you must take into consideration its sturdiness. Flimsy and low-quality bags will not be able to withstand long periods of traveling.

 Furthermore, if you’re a professional makeup artist, you’ll have to search for larger makeup cases that can accommodate your entire kit on the go. If you’re the traveling type, an aluminum wheel makeup bag will make the best travel companion. Although it might create a dent in your budget, and cost much more than a softer case, it’s going to pay dividends in the long run.

On the other hand, if you’re just interested in finding a bag for normal everyday use, a soft bag is not the worst choice. It’s lightweight and cost-effective. If you choose one that’s made of durable fabric and materials, it might just work.

However, even if traveling isn’t your primary motive, experts recommend a bag that offers superior portability. Special characteristics like good quality wheels and spacious compartments can certainly benefit you in the long run. Especially, if you’re travelling by air, you’ll be thankful to have a case with multiple features at your disposal.

Decide Your Signature Style

Your makeup storage says a lot about your style and aesthetic sense. Having a signature makeup case that’s visually appealing will leave a lasting impression on your friends — and clients if you’re a professional makeup artist. This attention to detail also helps you create and imprint your iconic look in the minds of your audience.

If you’re going for a bland and unattractive bag, it’s going to put a damper on your marketing efforts as well. Consider the example of big brands. When they make their stationery — postcards, pens, business cards — the color, material, and graphics are all kept in mind to accurately represent the brand’s personality.

So, if you’re in the cosmetic business, and you buy something which a lawyer or a corporate businessman would prefer, then you need to reevaluate your choices. The cosmetic industry is a hip and glamorous business — it likens its followers to have the same traits and tastes. Make sure you get the best stylish designer makeup bag for your next trip to turn some heads.

Consider Durability and Functionality

A multifunction bag has a lot more to offer to you than a simple and unsophisticated bag. It’s great for storing the best multipurpose products that will get you ready fast. It also gives you the ability to organize and protect your items — keep them cushioned and safe from unwanted damage.

You won’t like it when you open your makeup organizer, and it’s an awful mess. Maybe some items bang against each other because of rigorous shaking and lead to broken bottles. Maybe intense heat gets through the fabric of your case and lays waste to your lipstick.

You’re only going to avoid these unfortunate accidents if you buy makeup storage which ensures the safety of your makeup kit at all costs.

As a general recommendation, look for bags that are heat-resistant, ultra-durable, and can easily weather the harsh tides of air, land, and sea travel. Waterproof bags are another great choice. There’s always the unfortunate possibility of bottles and canisters spilling out of the bag.

To prevent this from happening, a waterproof bad composed of polyester, vinyl, nylon, or some other waterproof material is your best bet.

Furthermore, a multifunction bag is also very handy. In times of need, it can function as an emergency kit.

As a general tip, if you have too many makeup storages, you can make one that’s the most customizable into a kit specifically for keeping at home or tucked under your office table. You can also store tissues, painkillers, wipes, and plasters and turn into a first aid kit, ready for use in medical emergencies.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

This marker is something you can’t miss out on. You simply can’t afford to compromise of quality — ever! Sure, you might have to pay some extra bucks, as storages of high standard and premium grade craftsmanship are costly. But it’s going to be worth the investment.

Cheap cases expose you to lots of risks. They might collapse or wear off after a couple of months, leaving you to use them ineffectively or replace them, and splurge more money. Plus, there’s always the element of time. Instead of repeatedly replacing bags, why not find one which promises long-term durability?

Choose Your Ideal Size

The next factor you must consider is the size. Even in travel and daily use storages, there are a lot of different options. In the end, your choice will depend on your makeup routine. For instance, if you just need to store lipstick, lip balm, and powder for light touchups, you don’t want to invest in a bag that has a lot of area and space. However, if there are more things, such as mascara, liner, and eyeshadow, that need accommodating, then a small bag isn’t going to work.

In the case of travel makeup bags, consider the duration of your trip. If you only travel on the weekends, then a big makeup bag isn’t necessary. Nonetheless, if you travel for longer periods, and need a bucket load of makeup to carry along, you will need a spacious bag to pull through.

Prefer Compartmentalization

The organization is a pivotal factor to consider when buying makeup storage. One large compartment won’t do the job. In this arrangement, your makeup will get entangled into each other like kite thread and create a distressing mess. Consequently, you might even have one or two broken products.

Go the extra mile when you’re researching for new cases. Look for one, which is multifunctional, and has removable, separate compartments that will provide little pockets of space for mini makeups stashes that you can insert and remove as needed. If these compartments come with clear windows, that’s an added benefit.

Knowing where to place your makeup products will make them more accessible and easier to navigate.

Factor in Brand Reputation

The market is crawling with counterfeit, low-quality makeup storages. So, it’s critical to dig deep into extensive research before fingering a new beauty case. The best way to approach this is to check out the online reviews of different products on reputable websites like Amazon, Google, and Facebook. Social Media platforms especially have dedicated brand pages. These platforms provide you honest and trustworthy customer reviews.

Consider Ease of Cleanliness

Make sure the makeup storage you buy is easy to clean. Mess from creams, liquid products, and power is bound to accumulate over time in the inner linings. A bag with a liner tailor-made for wiping and soaping with water is therefore the ideal choice. Comparison shop for one with vinyl lining — vinyl is the easiest fabric in the market to clean.

Choose a storage bag with a convenient to clean lining. May it be from cream, powder, or liquid products, some mess is always expected with the makeup products. Ensure that you select a makeup storage bag that has a liner which can be easily wiped clean with soap and water. Go for one with a vinyl lining — they’re usually most convenient to clean.


When choosing the perfect makeup storage, you must consider its size, ability to protect your products, space, and whether it has what it takes to meet your daily needs. While it may seem tempting to buy a bag that’s cheap and lacking in several departments, it’s not the right pick. For long –term, use a waterproof, ultradurable, heat resistant, and roomy case is the best investment. Whether you intend to use it for traveling to long distances, transforming it into an emergency kit, or using to brush up some light makeup, a portable yet trendy make storage bag will prove as a valuable investment.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.