How to Choose the Best Necklace


A necklace is one of the most prominent features in a lady’s jewellery collection. These accessories have been a common sight since time immemorial. However, gone are the days when women would just wear any neck-piece that they laid their hands/eyes on.

Ladies have come to appreciate the timeless pieces of jewellery and that a careful selection can help create a beautiful and sparkling look of all time. That said, necklaces come in different forms and varieties. They differ in quality, colour, shape, length, width among other things.

With all the available varieties, how then do you choose the best necklace? This post discusses some of the important things to consider.

Factors to consider while choosing a necklace

Your height

Tall women can wear a necklace of any length and still look good. However, shorter women need to be a bit cautious while choosing the length of their necklaces. Shorter people tend to appear overwhelmed by long necklaces.

All women whose height is 5” and below should avoid necklaces that are beyond 20 inches.

The intended fashion statement

What message do you want to put across with your necklace? Do you want to pass out as a reserved, chic, refined, sophisticated or an easygoing woman? What will the structure of the necklace speak of you? Necklaces with a busy structure might make you appear like you are trying to call for attention.

On the other hand, slim and well-crafted necklaces like this silver heart necklace can help pass a sentimental message or remind you of the valuable things in life. Necklaces with an attached value can always be a reminder of important things; in this case, the necklace becomes more of a driving force, as opposed to an ordinary accessory.

The shape of your face

A necklace can help drift or pull attention from your face. The right necklace can alter your facial characteristics as seen by others. If your face is oval-shaped, it is easy to get away with any necklace length. If your face is long-shaped, a shorter necklace will do you justice.

Avoid short necklaces if your face is round, these only enhance the circular appearance. If your chin is narrow, you can balance this out by wearing a stylish choker.

The quality

While they can be made from different materials, metal necklaces remain to be the best choice. One of the reasons is that metallic necklaces never go out of fashion. They are also durable and easy to blend with other items.

Take, for instance, a 1MM sterling silver necklace, with a beautiful pendant hanging. This necklace will not only be easy to pair with other items on your wardrobe but also look classy for any occasion whether formal or informal.  

Original metallic necklaces can last over thirty years and still look as good as new.

Your skin type

This is another reason why you should mind the material of your necklace. Different people are allergic to different metals. You have probably noticed that some people develop rashes around their necks after wearing golden or nickel neckpieces. 

If you are one of the allergic people, then you need to select your necklaces judiciously. A sterling silver necklace might be the only solution to acquiring an accessory that will last longer and save you the trouble of skin irritations.

Sterling silver is hypoallergenic; this makes it an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin types.

Your body type

Lastly, you should ensure that the edge of your necklace sits on an area where you do not mind drawing some attention to. If the edge rests on your bust, then chances are that this area will draw more attention. Same case to when the edge rests on your waistline.

The secret is in selecting a neckpiece whose edge rests on areas that you are comfortable in highlighting.


There’s a wide range of necklaces to choose from; this means that there is something for everyone. The idea is to get the best option, for the right occasion and one that complements your beautiful looks.

I hope that the above tips will help you purchase a necklace that makes a powerful and stylish fashion statement.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.