How to Get Better at Makeup Fast: 9 Tips From the Pros


Makeup is art, and it’s not easy to become an expert at art. Read on to learn how to get better at makeup fast to always look flawless here.

Women spend an average of $15,000 on beauty products. Despite how much we spend on makeup every year, many people don’t know how to use those products. With these makeup tips and tricks, you can start putting that money to better use.

Here are the nine tips you need to learn how to get better at makeup.

With these tips, you can accomplish a stunning, natural look perfect for any day or occasion. Start using all that makeup you bought with the best makeup techniques straight from the pros!

1. Stay Hydrated

Before applying any makeup, make sure to give your skin some love and care. A little moisturizer can go a long way to keeping your skin hydrated. Moisturizer can also work as a primer before you begin applying your makeup. 

Look for a moisturizer that suits your skin type. For example, you might want a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer if your skin is oily. If your skin dries out throughout the day, make sure to look for a formula that’s ideal for dry skin. 

Don’t forget sunscreen, too. 

Too much skin exposure can hurt your skin. In fact, ultraviolet radiation from the sun can penetrate the skin’s surface. In time, the radiation’s ability to damage cell damage can even lead to skin cancer. 

Overexposure from the sun can also lead to premature signs of aging. For example, you might develop lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and sunspots. 

Before you start using these makeup tips and tricks, make sure to protect your skin. Wearing moisturizer and sunscreen under your makeup will help your skin look young and smooth. Otherwise, you could unintentionally damage your skin every time you step outside. 

2. Conceal Those Circles

Do you toss and turn at night? Maybe you’re a little stressed and not getting enough sleep each night. Either way, no one wants to arrive at work or a party with undereye circles.

If you want to learn how to get better at makeup, it helps to know how to treat specific problem areas. For undereye circles, try a creamy concealer. Make sure to shade matches your skin tone.

Choosing a shade that’s lighter than your skin tone could make the circles more obvious. 

Using a pointed concealer brush to apply thin stripes of concealer under your eyes. Using your ring finger, blend the concealer into your skin. Try to avoid tugging on the skin under your eyes.

Instead, use a gentle, light touch as you apply the concealer. 

3. Build Your Foundation

As you use these makeup techniques, keep your end goal in mind: to make your skin look faultless. Ensuring your skin looks smooth and blemish-free will help give your makeup routine a strong start. 

First, hide any redness, acne, or blotches with a strong foundation. If you’re unfamiliar with using foundation, trying using a foundation stick. Foundation sticks are easy to apply, precise, and speed up the process.

Draw lines down your cheekbones. Then, follow the line down each side of your nose. Apply lines above your eyebrows, too. 

Blend the foundation in using your fingers. 

If you want a sun-kissed glow, use a darker foundation shade in the same spots before you start blending. Make sure to mix the colors using your fingers. The warmth from your hand will ensure the colors blend well. 

4. Hide the Blemishes

Are there still a few blemishes peeking out through your foundation? Target those problem areas using a spot solution. For example, you can use a product with salicylic acid for acne.

Then, hide it using an additional layer of concealer.

Use a sponge to dab the concealer in. Make sure to apply the concealer from every angle to hide the blemish. Otherwise, the unnecessary shine will make the blemish look bigger than it actually is.

5. Add Some Color

Now that you have a strong foundation, let’s add a little color to your skin. First, shoot a smile at the mirror. Smiling makes it easier for you to spot the apples of your cheeks.

Apply a cream blush against each cheek. Then, blend upward. 

For a natural look, choose a berry shade.

6. Love Your Lids

Women spend about $2,750 on eyeshadows in their lifetime. Unfortunately, many people leave most of their eyeshadows untouched.

First, choose a shimmery, sheer shadow. Start at your lash lines and follow the path to your brown bones. Using a shimmer will help you hide any annoying stray hairs.

Do your eyelids seem a little oily? Try using a primer against your lids first. Then, apply your eye shadow for a lasting look. 

Once you have the shimmer down, you can choose a frozen and cold shade. Apply these shadows using a flat brush. Then, smudge it in for a gorgeous, blended look. 

If you want to make your eyes appear a little bigger, add a little gold shadow at the center of your lids. Then, use your finger to run the gold along your lower lash lines.

7. Start Smudging

A little liner can add a lot of intensity. Try rimming your upper lash lines with a brown shade. Then, smudge it using your shadow brush. 

Once you’re done smudging, add a coat or two of mascara. You can also use an eyelash curler beforehand to give your lashes that extra wow-factor.

8. Fill the Gaps

When learning how to get better at makeup, many newbies neglect their brows. Cleaning up your eyebrows can change your entire appearance. 

Try filling in any gaps by brushing your brows with a disposable mascara wand. 

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9. Pucker Your Lips

Are your lips try and chapped? Apply a moisturizing lip balm to your lips. Then, blot the excess using a tissue. 

To give your lips a puckered, plush look, apply your shade to the center of your mouth. then, dab it in using your fingertip.

You can also apply concealer to your lips before using lipstick for a long-lasting look.

How to Get Better at Makeup: 9 Pro-Worthy Tips

Smile for the cameras! Using these tips, you can learn how to get better at makeup for wow-worthy results. Take the time to practice and discover the looks that best suit you!

These makeup tricks can help you prepare for any occasion. Discover a stunning new you with these tips today. 

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Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.