50 Bold Pastel and Neon Hair Colors in Balayage and Ombre

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#11: Half Up Hairdo in Sunset Pastel Colors

We already mentioned how gorgeous bakayage pastel hair colors look. Add in lilac roots and a partially pulled up hairdo and you have something somewhat rebellious, punkish and not quite heavenly as the balayage use of rainbow colors might otherwise suggest. There is something more youthful about this particular styling technique.

#12: Blunt Cut and Soft Balayage Pastel Hair Colors

In a modern salon, you do not need to look like you are innocently pretty. A blunt, bold look is also very much in style, combined with holographic hair in a pink, yellow, blue, purple and green color combination that takes on a cooler, darker edge, the ombre effects mostly unnoticed as we find darker roots and lighter ends. It is bold and beautiful to say the least.

#13: Emerald and Amethyst Balayage Hair

There is something especially alluring about using jewel tones on the hair, particularly the amethysts and emeralds that are certainly not a natural color to begin with for your tresses. The tones in a smoky sense only add to the effects, while the grunge vibe of the mid-length strands certainly has us begging for more. When paired with green eyes and a berry hued pair of lips, what can go wrong?

Pastel and Neon Hair Colors in Balayage and Ombre: Amethyst Hair


#14: That Country Thang Balayage Lilac Hair

It’s gorgeous, sexy, attractive, alluring, striking, stunning and overall elegant. It is a combination of pink, purple, lilac, blue and grey, all pastels and all playing in together to create a semi-natural look that in cartoons would appear to be real.

Hair past the shoulders, soft waves, immense shine and the pastel hair colors themselves are enough to capture hearts and break them on the spot with purity and innocent beauty.

#15: Warm Frosted Balayage

Platinum blonde, purple and pink in extreme pastel, metallic finishing and thick hair. It is gorgeous really, like a frost fairy with a warm heart appearing out of nowhere. The cat eye makeup added to this beauty look only amplifies the trendiness while people stop to stare as you walk about in warm frosted balayage hair.

Pastel and Neon Hair Colors in Balayage and Ombre: Lilac Hair


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Written by Megan Taylor
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