50 Bold Pastel and Neon Hair Colors in Balayage and Ombre

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#6: Rebellious Purple to Pink Ombre Locks

Purple roots, pastel pink ends and blues added somewhere in the middle of the highly layered and lovingly curled locks that appear like a really lovely anime cartoon head here. Mermaids will covet it, fairy princesses will desire it and you will be the one wearing it.

It is magical, the way the ombre works, the colors blending in while still very much sticking out as the ends are a far different color from the one it all starts with at the crown of the head. Ensure the hair is long and full with extra curls and it is beyond gorgeous.

#7: Rainbow Cream Pastel Balayage

There is something creamy and dreamy about this shoulder-length pastel hair, the ends curled slightly with a thicker iron, the strands each a difference color in patches all around, appearing in purple, pink, coral, green, aqua, and yellow, all lovingly dispersed, with a rose gold glow to it all. It is a Las Vegas pastel balayage hairstyle we totally want to try for ourselves.

#8: Frosted Northern Queen Balayage

Lots of layers, lots of curls and purple roots finish off in a frosted white, the aqua greens blended in for a deeper effect on the frozen Poles look. It is as if a snowy queen has come out of the frost and is about to belt out a Disney song with ease, the prettiness of this pastel balayage hair color certainly not one to ignore.

#9: Hidden Holographic Ombre Underlights

There are highlights and then there are underlights. There is something so very sexy about a girl with underlights actually, like a secret she has kept to only share with the likes of you. The holographic effect to the rainbow pastel hair colors only adds to the mystery as the hair above the color is pulled up to create a gorgeous braid across the center of the back of the head, the ends appearing lighter and closer to the natural color than the underlying roots.

Pastel and Neon Hair Colors in Balayage and Ombre: Pastel Underlights


#10: Gorgeous Candy Pastel Coral Balayage

Here are hearts in the hair and pink and coral coloring making for a very spring and summer-like creation. You can do it with natural hair or extensions, play with the curls and give the whole thing a date-pretty appeal. The pastel coral hair colors rather remind us of Aphrodite, along with the waves and the heart.

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