50 Bold Pastel and Neon Hair Colors in Balayage and Ombre

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There is something so very lovely about adding an ombre or balayage hair color to those long tresses of yours. Add in the rather trendy pastel and neon hair colors and you have an intriguing rainbow happening with the hair color blends. While some stick out nice and bold, others are meant to blend in and look perfect. First, let’s explain the difference between ombre and balayage hair colors.

Balayage Hair: It is a French word that means to sweep or to paint, a timeless technique that has been around for a while now but is just lately making a huge comeback into the world of fashion. It has actually been becoming one of the most popular hair color requests in salons these days, particularly in Europe.

The technique allows for a sun-kissed natural appeal to the hair, usually used on long hair but can be used on shorter as well, so long it is not shorter than a pretty pixie.

It uses no foils or meche to create the highlights but lights up your features while complementing your skin tones at the same time. It works by literally having individual strands colored with a brush, sometimes entirely freehand, while others do use different tools to separate the sections.

Balayage hair colors require little maintenance, as you do not get obvious regrowth lines, the roots in general appearing much darker than the ends of those tresses. It is a color technique that simply looks natural, as if your natural hair has been growing out, the healthy finish positively gorgeous.

Ombre Hair: Ombre is also a French word, alluding to shading or shadows. It is the gradual blending of one color with another. It always has much darker roots to the ends, often moving from dark chestnut naturals to colored blonde or reddish ends. Ombre coloring techniques have long been used on hair, nails and everything else, including baking, home decoration and graphic design.

Ombre hair became popularized in the early 21st century when artist Aaliyah appeared with the fade from black roots to light colored tips, and in 2010, it was still going strong. Today, in 2016, ombre hair is still a celebrity favorite, the very little upkeep a top reason for it still being such a top trend. Fading from natural to unnatural hair colors seems to be the way to go these days as well, which makes this particular list so very important to look into.

At the end of the day, balayage and ombre are very similar to one another, but the former has a lovelier, more natural effect to it, while ombre goes for the bold effects. They are both top hair coloring technique trends and using either style with any color is very much in for the spring and summer seasons especially.

The runways may not have featured pastel and neon hair colors as much, but the streets are full of it and it is certainly hard to ignore a lady with purple hair. Anime has come to life! Without further ado, here is our top 50 list for the best pastel and neon hair colors in balayage and ombre styles!

#1: Rainbow Colored Ombre Pastel Hair with Fishtail

There are multiple things happening in this particular look. First, we love the long length of the hair with the rainbow colors, particularly as it reminds us of Easter eggs with the boldness of each hue. Add in the ombre effect, the top of the head in its natural state and then suddenly moving into the colorful aspect.

Finally, this half up half down look with the thick fishtail braid at the back of the head is awesome, combining the natural colors with the rainbow beautifully. Definitely a good look for youth!

#2: Sand Art Rainbow Waves

With vivid colors and long gorgeous waves to the hair, this is a gorgeous look to pine for, the colors alone being enough to capture one’s attention with ease. The balayage effect of this neon-pastel hair might not be too apparent from the beginning, but it’s there, the ends a lighter, warmer aspect of their roots, where things are colder and starker.

The neon starts lightening up towards the end, leading into a touch of pastel. Blue, green, pink, purple, yellow- that is the color combination we are staring at and loving. Truly lovely!

#3: Ombre Holographic Pastel Rainbow Hair

Things are not so bold in that mermaid style, with a v-shaped back, a good amount of layers, and gorgeous waves beginning from the ears downward. The ombre is intriguing as well, the darker colors at the roots giving way to a lighter end, a few highlights higher on the head while the rest of the color starting lower. The shiny locks certainly are enough to inspire envy in the best of us.

Pastel and Neon Hair Colors in Balayage and Ombre: Rainbow Hair


#4: Queen of the Lilies Pastel Crown Braid

A combination of pink and purple in pastel hair colors is what brings together this incredibly beautiful fairy queen like effect, the loosened fishtail braided crown passing over to one side in order to fall with the rest of the curls over the shoulder. The pink gives way to only bluish purples at the end of this special ombre pastel hairstyle, the extra bits of grey throughout accenting the color combinations. Truly delectable!

#5: Miss Popularity Balayage Opal Hair

The essence here is the blonde tresses that fall lovingly below the shoulder blades, the pastel unicorn effect of this opal hued hair quite breathtaking and very much wearable on a daily basis. The balayage allows for he ends to be a touch darker than the rest of the hair, while blending in the colors perfectly to achieve a rather Barbie-like pink, purple and blue accented highlighted blonde so many of the ladies dream of.

It is mermaid perfect, and great to be worn into the year, if not all the way to the next decade.

Pastel and Neon Hair Colors in Balayage and Ombre: Pastel Balayage Hair


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Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.