Why Sterling Silver Rings Make the Best Choice for Any Occasion


It’s no secret that jewelry makes a great gift, but did you know that 51% of millennial women also buy jewelry for themselves?

We can’t blame them. After all, when you look good, you feel good, and there’s no better way to look your best than by accessorizing with a gorgeous necklace or ring.

Sterling silver rings the absolute best pieces to buy for yourself because they’re beautiful, can be worn anywhere, and last a lifetime. Read on to learn the many benefits of buying sterling silver pieces to glimmer on your finger at every occasion.

They Go With Everything

Unlike yellow, rose, or blue-tinged metal, sterling silver can go with anything. The classic white shine that they have can complement light and dark colors alike and bring out the liveliness of any hue.

Many people choose to wear them with royal purple, burgundy, or navy because the light color complements deep colors nicely. This is an amazing way to make your ring look like it’s shining even brighter than it really is, and it’s also a great way to draw people’s eyes to the depth and regality of dark hues.

However, silver also works well with light colors. When paired with a sky blue top, it will look like a refreshing white cloud amidst a blue sky. It can look like a dewdrop on a rose when worn with pale pink. Basically, when you want a naturally refreshing vibe, sterling silver and light colors are a tried-and-true combination.

They Can Be Classy or Casual

Another reason that sterling silver goes with anything is that it can look formal or casual depending on the outfit that it’s worn with. It’s subtle enough that it blends into your outfit when you wear it to work with a pencil skirt or power suit. Silver rings also look great when paired with flowing designer dresses at social events like weddings and dinner parties.

On the flip side, sterling silver rings can also be worn in casual situations. They’re the perfect accessory to complement other jewelry items on a first date or a girl’s night. While being beautiful, they also are subtle enough that they won’t take all the attention off of your favorite casual outfit.

If you’re looking for a signature accessory that works well on all occasions, a silver ring is perfect!

There Are Infinite Styles

Since there are so many styles of wholesale rings, there’s an option out there for everyone.

If you want something sleek and simple, there are plain silver bands that you can buy. Whether you want a thin or thick band size is totally up to you, as is whether or not you want a pattern carved into the band. You can buy bands that feature geometric shapes, simple lines, or even floral patterns. This means that there’s the perfect simple design for any wardrobe.

If you’re big on expressing yourself through shapes, consider getting a simple band that meets in the middle with a moon and star beside a gap. You can also get similar bands with leaves, tiny detailed flowers, or your own initials on them. There really is something for everyone to use in expressing themselves!

They Work With Gemstones

If you want to show off your love for a colored gemstone, then sterling silver bands are perfect for doing this. They bring out the hue of jewels no matter what color they are and look just ad gorgeous with aquamarine as they do with ruby.

Make sure that you do your research and look into band/gemstone combinations that really work. If you choose garnet, you may be interested in a fire pattern encircling the band of your silver ring. This same pattern may not work for emerald’s rich green, though- instead, you may want to look into natural vine patterns or print featuring tiny leaves.

You also will want to decide whether you want one gemstone in your ring or multiple. A single gemstone is usually best for more casual rings since having too many may look ostentatious. If you do choose to have more gemstones than just one, you’ll want to make them smaller than the main stone.

They’re Durable

At this point, you likely see why the white of a sterling silver band is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. But why is it better than white gold? That’s a light-colored and beautiful metal, too!

While white gold is beautiful and serves a great purpose in some pieces, it works best with necklaces and earrings. You don’t put as much active use on these pieces, whereas rings touch anything that you rest your hand against or take in your fingers. Sterling silver is much more durable than any form of gold- or really any other jewelry metal- is. Because of this, it’s a great material for rings that make contact with lots of other objects throughout the day.

Sterling silver is quite literally made to last a lifetime. Unlike pure, soft silver, it has some copper alloy added to it. This makes it much more durable than other metals. Sterling silver is almost impossible to scratch or dent, and it will never tarnish as long as you polish it occasionally. 

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While there are a lot of jewelry options out there, none are as classy, attractive, and durable as sterling silver pieces.

Now that you know why sterling silver rings are the best accessory to buy next time you decide to treat yourself, it’s time to learn more. Check out the ‘fashion’ tab on our home page for more information on how to style these gorgeous accessories and what outfits you should wear them with.

Stay stylish!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.