Are Practice Tests the Best Way to Pass the Microsoft MD-101 Exam?


The computer is one of the best innovations in history. Even with the increasing preference for more portable options with computer capabilities such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, the desktop computer still maintains its position in homes and workplaces. More than 75 percent of computers worldwide run on a Microsoft Operating System, Microsoft Windows. You cannot talk about computers today without thinking of Microsoft.

Also, for more than two and a half decades this company has been one of the leading vendors of IT credentials such as MCSA Windows Server 2016, MCSE Core Infrastructure, Microsoft 365 Certified: Developer Associate, etc.

In this post, we are going to find out important facts about the MD-101 exam which along with the MD-100 test leads to theMicrosoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate badge. Are you ready, let’s get started!

Microsoft MD-101: the Requirements and the Features

Microsoft Windows MD-101 exam is focused on Managing Desktop Computers. It is a 2-hour assessment at a cost of $165which consists of 40-60 multiple choice questions set to be done. To become certified you should pass the exam-labs which focuses on Managing Windows 10.

To apply for this exam and to pass it, you need to be an Administrator responsible for deploying, configuring, securing, managing, and monitoring devices and applications of clients in a business environment. You also need to be able to manage policies, identity, updates, apps, and access. Moreover, candidates should work with Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator in the design and implementation of a device strategy to meet the needs of a business in a modern setting.

Furthermore, you must have a working knowledge and experience in Microsoft 365 workloads and the ability to deploy, configure, and maintain Windows as well as Windows tech and devices. Skills areas tested by this exam include:

  • Deployment and update of operating systems;
  • Management of profiles and policies;
  • Management and protection of devices;
  • Apps and data management.

Multiple method scan suit your preparation for the Microsoft MD-101. The company itself provides the candidates with several preparation materials but it will be better for your results to use some additional resources, too. Let’s see how the materials such as practice tests can be significant in preparing for your Microsoft exams.

Why Practice Tests Are Good for Preparing for Your Microsoft Exams?

Practice tests pre-empt the actual questions you might come across in the actual assessment. They make your revision process easier, giving you only work with real questions and their accurate answers. All you need is to memorize the answers provided correctly and pay attention to what you should study harder.So, here go the most vivid pros of making use of practice tests:

  • Create the exam vibe

If you have been an IT professional in the industry for a while, and your workplace mainly controls your routine, changing your working mood to a studying one can be challenging, but practice tests can help give you the right gravitas to face the exam with your mind in it.

  • Gauge your readiness

You can only face an exam when you are sure you will pass. Practice tests are a proactive way of preparing for your assessment. Before you sit for the exam, you have the chance to test yourself and understand the concepts you have not grasped. You then get to put more emphasis on the weak areas and improve them to certainly be ready.

  • Teach you time management

Practice tests are an exercise for the actual exam. By regularly revising for your MD-101 using these tests, you improve your exam handling speed. This is because you can tell of the questions that need more time and those that do not. Starting with the simple questions and tackling the challenging ones at the end can be very helpful.

  • Improve your answering accuracy

Working with practice tests helps you understand the language of the questions and the nature of the answers required. You become certain about the correct answers even when the variants of those in multiple-choice questions appear similar.

  • Speed up your revision

Reading notes is a typical way of preparing for any exam.At times, it can become tedious, especially when it has been long since you last went through intense exam revision. Practice tests can help you cover more concepts in less time, because the given questions are a reflection of what types of questions to expect from particular skills areas. This improves your revision speed visit .

  • Tickle your memory

You can start yourreview with practice test questions. This step will show how much you remember about the topics that might surface in the actual exam. After your long revision, you can still use the practice tests to assess your retention of knowledge about the key areas of your exam.

Let’s now talk about one of the most reliable providers of actual practice tests, Exam-Labs. The practice tests from Exam-Labs come as vce files that should be used with the VCE Exam Simulator, which will put you in the same situation as the actual test. On Exam-Labs you can find both free and paid preparational materials. Free vce practice tests are uploaded by the previous test-takers and can be perfectly used for your preparation. What about the Premium Bundle for the MD-101 which now costs $49.99, it is further checked and verified by IT experts and has a more recent update of the questions and answers. Also, it contains a training course and a helpful study guide to take a full revision of skill areas tested in your Microsoft MD-101.

Career Prospects

Having the Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification you get new job opportunities such as promotion in your present company, a pay rise or profitable job offers. You can become a System Administrator, IT Consultant, Desktop Administrator, etc.According to the latest research done by, the professionals with this credential earn an average annual basic salary of $74k.


Any Microsoft badge is a significant addition to your academic and professional achievements. Taking an exam like the Microsoft MD-101 is a huge step to obtaining the associate-level badge in Microsoft 365 for Modern Desktop Administrator. The preparation for it can be difficult but the most valid and effective practice tests by Exam-Labs are going to simplify this process. Remember, you only get this certification after also passing your Microsoft MD-100. All the best!

Written by Megan Taylor
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