9 Stunning Mauve Hair Colors to Enrich Your Look This Summer

Mauve Hair

What we love about today’s beauty world is the great diversity it offers. When it comes to hair colors, bold dye jobs have been in the spotlight lately. Speaking of such dye jobs, we’re not thinking only of ultra-loud neon hair colors, rather than anything outside the classics such as blonde and brown. While those shades are undeniably beautiful and easy to wear, often time we wish to add a unique element in our appearance. One trending shade that can help you achieve a fabulous look without going far outside of your comfort zone is mauve hair. This wearable, yet impactful tone makes the prettiest dye jobs we’ve seen lately. Take a look at all the stunning examples of mauve hair we’ve gathered to get your inspiration going.

mauve hair
Photo By @hairbykellan/Instagram

Eager to turn your tresses into a mauve masterpiece? You might want to start with something on the subtle side like this dimensional dark hair color.

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Written by Ivana Steriova
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