How to Wear Over-the-Knee and Knee-High Boots


If you are in search of nice and elegant ideas with that just scream, “chic”, then try considering over-the-knee and knee-high boots for fashionable combinations. However, there are certain important fashion tips and tricks that you need to know well to be able to match this footwear appropriately. These boots have a great advantage of being equally suitable to be worn with jeans, other types of pants, dresses, and skirts as well. But each piece of apparel requires a strategic way of being matched with the boots. So, we recommend taking the following factors into account when choosing these kinds of boots. Learn how to wear over-the-knee and knee-high boots for maximum chic looks all year round!


How to Choose Knee-High Boots

The very first thing you should think about when picking your boots is the comfort. High variants of boots require an absolute and exact fit, thus apart from causing discomfort, the wrong shape or size will also ruin your nice looks, even in the case of perfectly chosen apparel options. So the primary factor to pay attention to is the size and the comfort, which you can certainly find out after walking a few steps in the pair you’ve selected. With this type of boot, especially the ones over-the-knee, you should also consider the heel height; they should not be too high since knee-high boots limit your motions to some extent, and the extreme height of heels may cause extra discomfort while walking.

How to Wear Knee-High Boots

Knee-High Boots With Skirts and Dresses

The most important thing in the choice of combos is knowing exactly what shape goes best with the tight interpretations of knee-high and over-the-knee boots. Thus, the counterbalance of silhouettes is important here. It’s important to choose loose skirts and dresses to properly match these tight-fitting boots.

On the other hand, the length of the garments also matter a lot, since this type of boot might be absolutely irrelevant with skirts that are too short but look great with medium-length options. The optimal gap between the hem of your garment and where the boots end should be around 4-6 inches. The hems can also both cover the upper part of the boots and be separated from it. In case of dresses, tunic options are the top fit.

Knee-High Boots With Pants

Knee-high and over-the-knee boots work well with carefully-chosen pants. Thus, it is more advisable to pair these boots with skinny and stretch pants, more often jeans, to make them look stylish and cool.

Knee-High Boots With Leggings

This is a resourceful alternative for sassy looks. Leggings perfectly emphasize the tight silhouettes of the boots and make the pair effective together. But add some modesty to your dress or tunic choice here to counterbalance the leggings.

Knee-High Boots With Outerwear

Since boots can be worn all year round, let’s discuss pairing them with jackets. It’s a good idea to match these boots with faux fur coat options, which will add some chic to the garments, as well as classic coat variants, which will create some nice business looks. The right boots and blazers look great together.  Finally, it’s important to preserve the calmer shades of the garments, so don’t create looks that are too vibrant with your boots.

Finally, we can also mention the importance of avoiding shorts with over-the-knee-boots since they are a tacky combination together. The same can be said about wearing boots with plunging necklines and backless dresses.


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Written by Megan Taylor
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