Cycling to work? Here Are the Right Outfits To Pick

Happy business woman with bicycle to work on urban street in city. Transport and healthy lifestyle concept

Most people find it flexible to cycle to work. But there are limitations often caused by wearing improper cycling outfit. For instance, you may reach at work smelling of sweat, and this may deter your cycling interest. So it is essential to wear attire that will make you feel comfortable and not sweaty. Do you want to discover the best clothes for cycling? Read on to find out.

Specific outfit for cycling

Often, cycling clothing involves tight-fitting garments such as Lycra. This garment fits tightly to reduce sweat and ease your movement. But for some people, this can mean episodes of sweaty rides. In such a case, you can opt for other cycling essentials like discussed below:

1. Cycling shorts with padded compression – Cycling regularly can cause saddle sores. So using padded compression cycling shorts will offer the necessary protection from your saddle. Choosing an appropriate seat and cycling clothing will also prevent such sores. Before you take a ride, ensure you have padded cycle shorts to enable your legs to move freely, devoid of resistance and chafing.

2. Biking jersey – This jersey is made of tight-fitting Lycra material. Wearing it will minimize sweating; hence you will have a comfortable ride. A biking jersey has back pockets that a cyclist can use to store essential supplies. Ensure you invest in a jersey that will balance your temperature in both warm and cold weather. 

3. Jacket – This one works exactly like the cycling jersey. It protects you against strong wind and rain. So if you are living in those areas that experience such type of weather frequently, wearing a jacket will help. Also, you can combine the jacket with bib tights to keep your legs warm and lower back covered.  

4. Biking gloves – Wearing gloves when cycling helps keep your hand warm. You will also have a feel of comfort and control. Gloves help maintain grip since bear hands can be sweaty and uncomfortable. It can make you lose grip on the handlebar.

5. Cycling shoes – You need to protect your feet from the pressure exerted when cycling. Choosing the right shoes will enable you to ride efficiently. Flat peddle shoes are a perfect example of good cycling shoes. Also, you can go for the ones that have clips in your pedals. This will give you more control and commute easily to work.  

6. Biking glasses – It is essential to ensure your eyes remain safe at all times. This is why you need cycling glasses to protect your eyes from dust and other foreign objects. It will also give you a sense of comfort and class. 

7. Helmet – This is a crucial attire when it comes to protecting your head from accidental injuries. Therefore it is a must. So whatever cycling attire you prefer, the helmet should not be missed.  


Riding to work or just for fun requires you to wear the right cycling clothing to keep you safe and comfortable. The above-discussed attires are available in all sizes and colors, so there is something for everyone. Invest in proper cycling gear and enjoy your ride. The benefits of wearing the right cycling outfit outweigh the fears you have of sweating while riding to work. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.