How Your Fashion Style Defines Your Gambling Type


Fashion and gambling have always remained closely interrelated, and yet the exact nature of the relationship between the two has remained a source of constant debate. One thing, however, is certain, namely that your fashion style is undeniably telling of your gambling type. Whether you prefer to dress sexy, bohemian, vintage, sophisticated or simply casual, there is much to be said about how your dress sense reflects specific gambling personalities and characteristics.

Many top casinos around the world have a dress code for players to adhere to, although this still leaves much room to individualize your look according to your own needs and personality. Some style choices reveal more obvious points about the attitude you are likely to adopt in casinos. Others, however, manifest in far subtler ways, such as the way bohemian dressers actually tend to take greater risks owing to a more fun and relaxed outlook. Lovers of comfort, on the other hand, are no less serious about playing. Indeed, you can even continue playing online while dressed in your pajamas without sacrificing the fierce competitive attitude one would typically associate with the sophisticated dresser.

The following list of fashion styles will tell you everything you need to know about your gambling type.



If you are the type who dresses to impress, it is most likely that you are playful, daring and sometimes deceptive in your approach to gambling. Whether we are talking about a shape-hugging cocktail dress for a woman or a suit with semi-unbuttoned collared shirt for a man, players who go for the sexy look are typically confident yet are also in search of attention, for instance from other players or from a potential evening romance. This is likely to find reflection in your trickster outlook, with the odd hair flap or thumb-to-lip here and there serving to distract other players in card games. A bold red dress is the perfect instrument with which to mesmerize other players while you strategize to win. Players that go for the sexy look are serious about the game, and yet retain an element of fun and playfulness.



Bohemian dressers are all about fun, laughter and having a good time at the casino. But don’t let this deceive you. Their comfortable, flowing outfits and loose hairstyles often conceal a fiercely competitive attitude to what is perceived as a cut-throat game. Whether you go for a flowing bodysuit or layered skirts, it is likely that you tend to take greater risks than the others in the room, who may be deceived into thinking that your bohemian attitude to life implies a lack of knowledge and seriousness about gambling. Bohemian dressers also tend to be more creative in their strategic thinking and decision making, envisaging long-term strategies in games like poker and black jack over short-term ones that merely get you from one move to the next.


Naturally, lovers of vintage fashion choices are fond of that old-school casino glamor associated with some of the longest standing establishments in Vegas. Vintage gamblers typically go for sleek, stylish looks that allude subtly to the golden age of gambling in the 1920s and 30s or post-war America. Their nostalgic attitude to the casino environment finds reflection in distinctive gambling decisions, such as a tendency to dwell on games and spend a longer time thinking strategically. The kind of games vintage dressers invariably go for are the more glamorous kind, such as poker, blackjack, Texas hold ‘em and Baccarat, among other card games. If you go for outfits that draw you back to an earlier period, you are more likely to adopt a quiet, reserved outlook. This shouldn’t be mistaken for being shy.


If your goal is to come across as smart, sophisticated and fiercely competitive, then chances are that you are either expressing an eagerness to win, or else compensating for a lack of confidence in the fast-paced casino environment. These two divergent options tend to find reflection in quicker, more impulsive strategic decisions during card games that are intended to create the illusion that the player is knowledgeable and highly experienced. Whether you are dressed in an elegant black dress or black tie, it is likely that you will give off a strong and uncompromising attitude to gambling, one that is equipped to either deceive other players or convince them that you are bluffing. Sophisticated dressers tend to stay away from machines and sports betting and focus on traditional gambling favorites such as poker and black jack.



Lovers of comfort and casual wear tend to enjoy online gambling options that provide you with the option of staying at home in your pajamas. Inside physical casinos, however, casual dressers can be deceptive, for while their jeans, hot pants and t-shirts give off the impression of not taking the casino environment seriously, this is very often not the case. Players dressed in comfortable sweatpants or other less glamorous items are more likely to veer towards gambling machines, where casual clothing can prove to be immensely beneficial for long-term playing. They are also natural sports betters, and enjoy sitting back with a drink and watching a game of sports while navigating a slot machine at the same time. This aptitude for multi-tasking can be advantageous when compared to other fashion styles. A casual dress sense is often reflective of a fun, playful and yet ambitious approach to gambling, where the player is not concerned with asserting any particular image in the casino.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.