Where to Eat While in Bonn, Germany


You’ve seen us say it several times by now, but Bonn is the hottest destination in 2020. Bonn is the hometown of Ludwig van Beethoven, and 2020 celebrates his 250th anniversary. And Bonn is thriving with Beethoven exhibits, events, and inspirations. So, there’s no doubt that you’ll want to hop on a train or plane and celebrate Beethoven in his hometown this year. When you get to Bonn, it will be easy to celebrate Beethoven, but where are the best places to eat? Perhaps you can find Beethoven-based places to eat! Well, you’re in luck! We are here to help you find the best places to eat while on your Beethoven excursions.

Restaurant Speisesaal


Restaurant Speisesaal is the perfect café to visit right after exploring the Bundeskunsthalle’s special exhibit on Beethoven. You see, Restaurant Speisesaal is inside of the museum and located right by the entrance and exit of the Beethoven exhibit. And this exhibit is not one that you will want to miss. You see, “Beethoven- World.Citizen.Music” presents Beethoven in a way that no one has before. The exhibit focuses on three different aspects of Beethoven so the viewer can truly be immersed in his journey to understand how the composer lived and what inspired him in his music. It truly is an exhibit like no other, bringing Beethoven to life in 2020. So, after your experience, step into the café for a quick bite. They have a variety of rich, meaty plates along with many delicious salad and soup options. I tried the soup and a salad with cheese and bacon, and it was absolutely delicious. Plus, they have a wide variety of delicious coffees and espressos to help you wake up during your afternoon slump.

Gasthaus im Stiefel


The Gasthaus im Stiefel is a historical pub located just a few spaces down from the Beethoven Haus. This charming spot looks just like an older, classic pub, yet it is still clean and modern inside. This was a place that Beethoven frequented when he was younger, so it is the perfect place to visit to follow in his footsteps. And, being right next door, you definitely need to step in here after visiting the Beethoven Haus. The Beethoven House (or Beethoven-Haus) is a museum like no other, as it gives you the ability to celebrate Beethoven’s life and work in his original setting. You see, this is the house where Beethoven was born in. And, if you’ve been there before, you should make the trip back, as it is just newly remodeled and has reopened with its new permanent exhibition with additional rooms. This new exhibition gives you access to more than 200 unique and original exhibits from or related to Beethoven including manuscripts, instruments, items from his daily life, compositions and notes, his ear trumpets, and some portraits. And Gasthaus im Stiefel has a wide variety of drinks, coffees, salads, soups, and sandwiches- a perfect mix for a lunch after your trip to the Beethoven Haus.


Konrad’s is definitely a place to visit after a nice day wandering around Bonn and taking in the views. Konrad’s is located on the 17th floor of the Marriott Hotel, offering a gorgeous view of the Rhine river. It’s the perfect place to sit up above the city and watch the sunset. Get the perfect view of the Rhine as the sun sits in the sky, and then get a nice drink in the bar and enjoy a delicious meal as the sun sets and the lights of the town twinkle beneath you. This view of the Rhine was one of Beethoven’s inspirations as he was growing and learning music in Bonn. The cuisine is traditionally German, delicious, and classy. Though the food is traditional, it is prepared with a modern interpretation to provide fresh and interesting meals. Vegetarian options are also available. But, if you get a chance, be sure to try the duck, as it is delicious.


Be sure to keep each of these places in mind as you embark on your adventures in Germany. If you are dedicating your vacation to Beethoven, be sure to put Beethoven in every detail as the city of Bonn has done. Think about how the restaurants you visit relate to Beethoven. We’re happy to say that all of our suggestions do relate to Beethoven.


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Written by Malorie Mackey
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