How to Get Rid of Greasy Hair Without Dry Shampoo

greasy long hair

Are you running late for a party, and your hair is looking greasy? Fortunately, there are a bunch of ways to get rid of greasy hair without having to use dry shampoo! Today we are going to share with you the top 9 hacks to help you get rid of greasy hair for when your schedule is tight, and you can’t afford to be late. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

#1 Toner or Astringent

Most people don’t know this, but toners and astringents have alcohol in their content, and this can be a lifesaver when your hair is looking greasy. The alcohol from toners and astringents is powerful enough to help you fix limp and oily hair in a matter of seconds. To make things even better, you can use the cheapest astringent as long as the label says that it contains alcohol. We want to highlight the fact that the astringent can be harmful to the skin. This is why you should use it as a subtle disguise for your hair and don’t soak the hair in it.

#2 Cornstarch and Cocoa Powder

Another cool trick that will make your hair look instantly amazing is to use cornstarch. This works fantastic with light hair, but if your hair is darker, then you can add some cocoa powder to the mix so that the cornstarch doesn’t stand out too much next to your root. What’s great about this strategy is the fact that your hair is not only going to look fresh, but it will also smell amazing.

#3 Braids

If you don’t have an astringent or cornstarch in your house, then you should be pleased to know that there is an alternative way that doesn’t require any secret “ingredients.” You can always braid your hair, and it will look amazing in no time. Braids are famous for helping to camouflage oily hair, and now that you have this trick up your sleeve, you will never have to worry about greasy hair.

#4 Headband

Are you running so late that you don’t have to braid your hair? Fortunately, there is an even faster way to hide greasy hair. You can always use a headband to camouflage the oily hair and make it look cute. On the flip side, your roots might stand out, and this is why we advise you to use a sparkly headband that will “steal” all the attention from the roots.

#5 Blow Dryer

Did you know that you can make your hair look like it has just been washed by using a blow dryer? The trick to making this work is to thoroughly run the blow dryer while styling your hair with a comb at the same time. This is going to give volume to the hair, and it will have that “just-washed” look to it.

#6 Honey

Using honey on your hair might seem a bit too crazy at first, but you must try it to believe it. Mix honey with a few drops of water and then apply it to the roots. Now, subtly cleanse your strands and make sure to get rid of all the residue on your oily scalp. The water ensures that the honey is no longer sticky and that it gives your hair an outstanding lift. Also, you should not do this when going to outdoor events because flying bugs are going to be all over you!

#7 Tease the Roots

The worst case of greasy hair is when the roots become oily. This can happen after skipping hair wash day, and not using a greasy scalp shampoo for a while. While using honey with water might not fix your roots, there is a quick and effective way to give your hair more volume so that the oily roots are well hidden. You need to pick up small sections of your hair and then use a hairspray while combing them. Your hair will have the same volume as when you blow dry it after coming out of the shower.

#8 Top Knot Bun

Sometimes you don’t have enough time for these strategies. Here is where the messy top knot bun comes in and saves the day. This hairstyle will give you the “messy look” and thanks to the bun, your hair will have enough texture to hide the oily roots. The messy top knot bun is a useful weapon to have in your arsenal!

#9 Blotting Papers

The last method that we want to share with you is to use blotting papers. These small items are magical when it comes to camouflaging greasy hair. You can use blotting paper to run along with the roots and scalp, and oil from your roots will be absorbed inside the paper.


Sure, greasy hair is annoying, but it doesn’t have to ruin your day. If you follow the steps laid out in this article you can greatly reduce the amount of grease in your hair without needing to use a dry shampoo.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.