How to Efficiently Take Care of Your Clothes and Make them Last Longer


In this fast-paced day and age, it’s tempting to put all your clothes into the washing machine on the same setting. But if you do that, you will soon find items of clothing wear out and lose color quickly. Here are some fantastic ways in which you can take care of your clothes to make them last longer.

Follow the Care Label

Different fabrics require different types of care. You can quickly discover how to care for each piece of clothing by looking at each one’s care label. The label tells you essential information, such as whether the item can be machine washed or whether it needs to be hand-washed, and the ideal temperature for washing. The care label can also inform you whether the clothing is suitable for ironing and at what heat, whether it can be tumble-dried, and whether it is dry-clean-only. By ensuring you always follow the recommendations of the manufacturer’s care label, you can be sure your clothes are being cared for and will last longer. For example, if you have a dry-clean-only item, make sure you do not wash it in water. Some dry-cleaning companies now offer pickup and delivery services within 24 hours. By making use of a professional one day dry cleaning service, you can be sure your clothing is receiving the best possible care.

Steam Your Clothes

For the most part, steaming your clothes is better than ironing them, if you want them to last longer. Steaming is much gentler, as the heat of the device does not come into direct contact with the clothes’ fabric. Only use ironing when an item of clothing has stubborn wrinkles.

Use the Right Detergents

If your clothes have stains that cannot easily be shifted, you may end up discarding those items of clothing. But some types of detergents can remove stains better than others. By using the right detergent and washing techniques, you can get rid of the stains and make your clothes last longer. Powder detergents tend to work best on stains like mud, while liquid detergents generally work better on oily stains because they are able to break the stains down. If you are washing fabrics like silk, wool, or cashmere, ensure your detergent is enzyme-free. If you don’t, enzymes will attack natural fibers and cause the materials to erode over time.

Wash Your Clothes Less Often

Every time you wash an item of clothing, the fabric can become weakened, and the colors can fade. So, wash your clothes as little as possible. How often you should wash clothing depends on your circumstances. It will differ depending on how often you wear the clothes, how much you sweat, the environment you have been wearing your clothes in, and the type of fabric. The key is to not wash every item of clothing after every time you have worn it. Does the garment have stains on it? Does it smell bad? If so, it’s time to put it in the washing machine. If it doesn’t, wear it again, and it will last longer.


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How to Efficiently Take Care of Your Clothes and Make them Last Longer

Written by Megan Taylor
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