How to Match Your Style to the Occasion


Where you are planning to go and the activities you will do on any given day always strongly affect the outfits that you wear. For instance, if you are going to school, you are going to dress much differently than you will if you’re going out to a nice dinner with friends. It’s important to first consider the following things when picking out an outfit:

  • Who are you going out with? What is their style like?
  • What is the current weather?
  • What clothing do you have readily available to wear?
  • What accessories are appropriate for the time of year and the specific occasion?
  • How are you feeling today? (This could easily make a difference in your whole look.)

Once you have briefly thought about the above and your outfit choices for the day, the most important factor then becomes the occasion. Where are you going today? That factor should be the main and final decision-maker for your daily outfit. And we are here to offer advice on the specifics to consider for the following occasions:


Heading to brunch with your friends is a very specific occasion that requires a very specific dress code. For ladies, a nice spring or summer dress is always a good idea for brunch. Style this with a jean jacket and a cute pair of boots or heels. If it’s colder outside, think about wearing a sweater dress with nice leggings and boots. Men who are brunching with friends should think about wearing a button-up and khakis, but the button-up can easily be short-sleeved.  A polo is good for this occasion, as well. Similar attire can be worn for lunch, but lunch just seems a little more casual and looser than a nice, upscale brunch.


Dinner with friends is a great excuse to get dressed up, but it doesn’t have to be a nice affair either. It could be casual. First decide on a location. The restaurant you will be eating at will change your entire look. This is also a situation to think about how your friends will dress and try to match their level of dress. 5-star restaurants deserve very nice, formal dresses and suits while a more average scale restaurant offers a chance for your to dress more smart casual and stylish.



Dressing for a casino always takes thought, as each casino has its own dress code, and you should dress differently for each time of day at a casino. That being said, a safe bet is a nice cocktail dress or a more upscale fashionable look. Men should think about wearing long-sleeved button-ups. You don’t want to go too formal, but you do want a little class in your dress here. Unless you are deciding to stay home and bet online at NetBet, then you can dress as comfortably as you wish. Heck, maybe just stay home and bet then, since you can stay cozy and confident in your own safe environment while you have fun.  

Party/Out on the Town

Partying out on the town gives you a real chance to dress up and look sexy yet stylish. Men should think about wearing sleek looks with dark slacks and a nice button-up. Sportscoats and suit coats are a good idea depending on the weather and the venue. Women should think about wearing anything from a nice cocktail dress to a stylish corset and matching blazer. Women should think about being chic and trendy here to avoid showing too much.

Museum or Other Artistic Outing

Finally, the fun, most creative outing we can think of is going to a museum or other artistic outing. This is a chance to embrace the “art” element of fashion and be the real you! In this situation you should succumb to the complete artistic expression within yourself and come up with your own chic style. Own your own look!

Get inspiration from the discussion above, and really focus on the occasion at hand each day to live your best life with your best style.