How To Incorporate Neon Colors In Your Winter Makeup Looks

How To Wear Neon Colors In Winter

No matter the weather, neon colors are in style – at least in 2020. What started as a spring 2019 trend is now a year-round staple look for many creative beauty junkies. It all started with Instagram makeup artists creating insanely gorgeous colorful makeup looks. Since neon colors were everywhere, popular brands followed up by dropping fun rainbow eyeshadow palettes that beauty obsessives couldn’t resist buying. Once you start experimenting with color, you realize it’s not as scary as it looks! If you are wondering how to incorporate neon colors into your winter makeup routine – we got you covered. Scroll down to discover creative ways you can rock neon on the eyes and lips this cold season.

how to wear neon colors in winter
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Acid green is undoubtedly the most popular eyeshadow choice among neon colors. It doesn’t have to look very loud on the eyelids. For instance, this washed-out neon makeup look will brighten up your appearance without being hard to pull off.

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Written by Ivana Steriova
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