4 Ways to Immediately Look Smarter at Work


Sure, going to the office isn’t like a permanent red carpet, but there’s no doubt that your style makes a lot of difference.

Particularly now we find ourselves in the period where personal branding matters so much, one might argue that it’s never been as important to look the part when it comes to arriving at the office.

Unfortunately, so many of us fail so miserably at this. It might be because office fashion trends have changed so much over the last few years, mainly due to the emergence of the ultra-cool casual working spaces. Or, it might be for a completely different reason – today isn’t for speculating. Instead, it’s all about bringing home some of the easiest ways you can look smarter at work and somehow, do your chances of progression the world of good.

What works for your industry?

First and foremost, everyone has different standard when it comes to the term “smart”. For example, if we were to hone in on Wall Street, the definition would vary greatly to those who work in Silicon Valley.

As such, one of the first rules of appearing smarter is to understand exactly what it is. Is it a suit and tie? Or is it just a nice pair of jeans with a fresh t-shirt? Trust us, both are acceptable definitions across the world.

The famous rule about your feet

You might not class yourself as a fashion guru, but you have still probably heard all the hype about your feet and fashion. Put simply, if the experts are to be believed, this is one area which can make or break your outfit.

Even in today’s day and age some people still do judge others by their footwear so taking this into account, get yourself off to Dune London and take a look at some of their shoes. You don’t have to be ultra-formal (depending on your industry, of course) but by opting for this level of sophistication you’ll make all the difference to your overall outfit.

It can be as simple as making sure that your clothes fit

Sounds simple, right? In fact, it’s one of the first (and only in some cases) rules of fashion that some of us learn.

Nevertheless, buying and wearing clothes that fit is something that a huge number of people just can’t get right. In the office, where tongues constantly wag, this is something that you can’t get away from. You’ll become known for the guy who wears a shirt that’s too small, or the lady who doesn’t know her true dress size.

This rule appears regardless of your body type as well. You might have the body of a professional athlete, but if you don’t have clothes that fit properly, you will stand out for all the wrong reasons in the workplace environment.

Don’t go overboard with accessorizing

Get your accessories right, and you’ll completely cement your outfit. Go too far, and you’ll show everyone that you’ve thought too much about what you are wearing. In other words, you can resemble a Christmas tree.

The last thing anyone wants to hear is the dreaded clanging-sound as your jewelry vibrates through the office. Keep it simple – and your office style will soar.


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