Vaping as Urban Fashion


Streetwear or otherwise known as Urban Fashion is a style that comes from the streets.  It has been around for the better part of the last 40 years and made popular with the popularity of Hip Hop and R and B music.  The resurgence these days is helped along with some popular brands like Supreme bringing streetwear up to the rich and the famous.  We are here to talk about vaping as a small subset of that streetwear.

If you have not seen it, you should probably crawl out from under that rock.  There are a lot of pieces of clothing that have some reference to vape.  Most notably, the major league vaping t’s are quite popular along with simple plays on popular brands.  For example, there are Mod Squad shirts that look curiously like the Geek Squad shirts of those tech people from best buy.  The Mod Squad of course referring to the vape mods are quite popular these days in the vaping community.  Lastly, there is a play on the popular Keep Calm and Carry On type shirts which say Keep Calm and Vape. 

These pieces are usually worn by such millennial who coincidentally make up the largest group of consumers of vape products.  They usually live in urban areas and do not have to dress professionally and are no longer in the phase where they have to wear uniforms.  This group will wear cloths that demonstrate their lifestyle or the hobbies that they are into.  It also helps them announce some of their intentions.  For example, these millennials may want to show that they are done with regular cigarettes and have moved onto vaping e juice or vape juice as a way to be more healthy or more cool.  More likely the latter, but it is a positive if they are able to get the healthier bent as well.

The vape pen or e cigarette is also a way to have a trendy accessory.  With the explosion in popularity of vaping, there are so many entrants into this space that there are a wide variety of vape products and gadgets to choose from.  There are even companies that help you accessorize and add trinkets too the vape mod to make it uniquely yours.  In fact, if you were going to a nice party, you could add some bling to your vape mod so that it could become a conversation starter or a status symbol similar to a pair of Air Jordans or a Tiffany bracelet. 

In the end, the advent of vaping as a way to slow or stop smoking cigarettes is the reason that these vape mods and the industry are booming.  However, there is always a chance for others to make money on this trend as an ancillary or side piece.  The fact that vaping has become a part of the urban wardrobe is a reason that not only will the trend survive, but the trend will remain to flourish for the foreseeable future.  With celebrities also hoping onto this vape train, the American media will speed up the adoption of the clothing as well.


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