Best Mascaras for Every Lash Type

Best Mascaras for Every Lash Type and Preferences
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Mascara is not a one-size-fits-all product. Every mascara is formulated differently to enhance a specific lash type. The wand is also an important factor in choosing the right mascara for your lashes. Aside from lash type, it all comes down to your preferences. Do you want dramatic, falsie-like lashes? Or maybe you prefer length over volume? Look no further – we gathered the very best mascaras on the market that can solve any lash issue.

For instance, if you have short, stubby lashes, it’s best to stick to mascaras with skinny wands that will provide support even to your scrawniest lashes. Those blessed with long and curly lashes should avoid sticky formulas and brush their lashes before applying mascara to avoid creating a mess. On the other hand, if your lashes are long and straight, you should opt for waterproof mascara that won’t transfer on your undereye area as you blink.

Aside from mascaras that tackle specific problems, there are universally loved products that work on any lash type. Whether you want to solve a specific issue or want to get the most of your natural lashes, we found and tested mascaras that will propel your lash game. From splurge-worthy goodies to drugstore classics these mascaras work for every lash type and budget. Scroll down to find your perfect match that will elevate your glam game.

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