Three Free Ways to Enhance Your Anti-Aging Routine


We all want to find that secret way to achieve ever-lasting youth in our looks, or the special formula that will stop the clock. But for now, the best that we can do until science catches up to our desires is to follow a good routine which allows us to help quell the aging process.

As each new ‘revolutionary’ anti-aging product comes out, the price seems to creep up, so on this page, we’ve decided to stick to the free ways that can enhance your anti-aging routine. These are simple and cost-effective tricks that can be integrated into your anti-aging routine with ease.

Find your passion

Not only is being passionate about something or someone good for your emotional wellbeing, but it’s also very good for your cardiovascular health. Good cardiovascular health is a key facilitator to helping you stay young, with passion further granting a self-esteem boost. Explained here as the most powerful drug, passion derived from being with your partner s the optimum way to boost your cardiovascular health, reduce stress, and reduce anxiety.

However, if this isn’t on the table for you right now, you can always banish boredom and gain the youthful benefits of passion by uncovering a new hobby. This isn’t to be just any old hobby, however, it has to be one that you’re truly excited about – one which you want to make time for instead of just mix in when it suits your schedule.

Shut off your mind and relax

You will have heard non-stop by now that aging is caused by stress and that being relaxed helps to slow the aging process – but just kicking into relaxation mode is far easier said than done. Modern-day life all-but requires that you are stressing about something all day. Our minds are always either fixed on something that demands our attention or there’s something in the background tediously informing us that there’s a stressful task on the horizon. The stress hormone cortisol is the enemy here, with high levels of it causing an increase in body fat storage, disrupted sleep cycles, and high blood pressure.

To avoid cortisol getting the best of you, you need to work in times to allow your body to normalize the levels of the hormone, and to this, you’ll need to shut off your mind. Simply sitting back and focussing on relaxing won’t do the trick straight away: it’s best to distract your mind. As everyone has a phone on them, a good way to do this is to just play a simple game for free, such as no deposit free spins bonuses used on slots like Immortal Romance or Book of Dead. For a short period, your mind will relax while you enjoy the game, allowing your body to get your cortisol levels back to normal.

Eat less sugar

So, where the first tip was a bit cheating as taking up a new hobby can be a bit pricey, this tip could save you money on sugary snacks. The simple fact is that sugar contains glucose and glucose binds to your ‘youth proteins,’ as explained here. This makes the proteins that once made your expressions appear youthful and plump turn stiff. This is said to be one of the main reasons why people lose their baby faces, and so, you should stick to antioxidant-laden snacks, such as avocados and dark berries, and take that bar of chocolate off of your shopping list.

Cut out high-sugar foods, make time to switch off your mind from the stresses of the world, and find your new passion or rekindle one of old. Do these three things and you’ll enhance your anti-aging routine a great deal.


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