The Corset Trend is Alive and Well in 2020

Corset Trend

We often look to the past, embracing retro trends to spice up our new outfits. Speaking of vintage fashion, the corset has made a huge comeback with everyone from celebrities to influencers sporting corset looks. This structured piece of clothing that was widely popular in the 16th century has experienced many modifications throughout the years. But one thing has never changed – the corset is an item that accents the waist and adds a dose of sexiness to the look. Even high-fashion brands are into structured corset looks RN, with everyone from Prada to Alexander McQueen embracing this vintage garment. Wondering how to incorporate corsets into your style? Below, we give you plenty of inspo on how to wear corsets the chic way.

corset trend
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Wearing a corset over a romantic floral frock will take the look from elegant and feminine to a sexy direction without looking like it’s too much. For such a look, you can borrow a corset from your lingerie collection and take it out to the public without showing much skin.

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Written by Ivana Steriova
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