Are your HGH Levels Dropping? Here are some of the Natural ways that you can get them up.


As you age, the amount of HGH produced by your pituitary gland drops by a significant amount. Factors such as diet and illness work hand in hand with your age to effect this change. There are alternatives that you could think of, including going to HGH therapy institutions like that offer the treatment. Some signs and symptoms point you towards an HGH deficiency that you can find on the internet. These indications, however, do not necessarily mean that you require growth hormone therapy. Talk to your doctor and try to find the causative agent first before you take any action.

After the doctor has indicated that you are low on the human growth hormone, you have to decide whether you will opt for the synthetic versions that are safe; or try to get the level up naturally. The severity of the situation is among the many factors that should be considered to help you make an informed decision. Some of the natural ways that you can bring up the level of this hormone in your body include:

Intermittent fasting

This process helps you raise your HGH levels by a significant amount, and the result is attained almost instantly. There are various types in this kind of fasting, and you should go for one that will not strain your body. Denying your body food for intervals helps raise your growth hormone in two ways. First, fasting intermittently enables you to lose fat, which directly affects the production of the hormone. Also, it helps keep your insulin levels low. Insulin is released every time you feed, and a high level of the same hinders the production of the growth hormone. Keeping insulin levels low helps a great deal in the production of HGH. Twelve-sixteen hour fasts are recommended. Start slow and observe the changes in your body to know whether it’s working or not.


High intensity, when working out, is advocated for, especially when you are trying to bring up your HGH levels. This method has been ranked as one of the ways to get your growth hormones up. There are different types of exercises, and you must consult with experts in the field to know which techniques will work for you over an extended period. The effects of this natural way of increasing our HGH level is said to be short term, but over time, fat loss and optimal hormone function are among the benefits that will improve the secretion of this hormone long term.

Cut down your sugar intake

Sugar and refined carbs raise your insulin levels, and this is not good for HGH production. Other than raising insulin levels, excessive sugar intake is among the leading causes of weight gain, which is also not suitable for the creation of the growth hormone. A reduction in sugar intake will have a positive impact on your health and in the cultivating of a conducive environment for the making and functioning of HGH.

Final Comments

You need to work towards increasing the growth hormone level in your body, but you must be careful when using the different natural remedies to ensure your health is not affected.


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