Easy Ways to be Able to Afford the Eyewear you Really Want


Wearing the right eyewear can make a huge difference to how good you look and feel. So, most of us are not shy about spending cash when it is time to change our glasses. We realize that something we have no choice but to wear every day needs to be just right.

Yet, despite this, an awful lot of us still end up not wearing the glasses we really want. Usually, that is because they are just that bit too expensive. But, it need not be like that. Here are three clever ways to make sure you get your hands on the glasses you really want to be seen in.

Buy just one pair of eyeglasses

Instead of buying sunglasses as well as prescription glasses, invest in a set of amazing transition lenses. Over the past few decades, the technology behind these clever lenses has improved no end. As a result, reaction times have fallen drastically. So, you no longer walk from a sunny sidewalk into a building and feel like you have been blinded, for the first few seconds. The lenses clear in almost an instant, so you really can see clearly.

They still take a bit of time to get used to, but, no longer than it took you to adjust to wearing bi or varifocals. So, if you tried transition lenses before and did not like them, it is definitely worth giving them another go.

Of course, these lenses are considerably more expensive than regular lenses. But, the vast majority of the time you can still save money because you are only paying for one set of frames, instead of two. So, if you wanted, you could redirect those savings into buying the frames you really want, instead of settling for something that is nearly right.

Buy your glasses online

It is worth looking into the possibility of buying your glasses online. Again, this is a service that has come a very long way in a relatively short period of time. Now that there is plenty of competition, the quality of service you receive is very good.

The fact that the glasses are delivered straight from the factory to you means that the firms running these online eyeglass shops have virtually no overheads. As a result, their prices are usually incredibly low.

Provided you shop around and carry out your usual due diligence you will be amazed at how much further your money will go. Again, you may well discover that you actually can afford your dream eyeglasses.

Look at buying 2nd hand

If it is designer glasses you are after, and lookalike frames are not a viable option, consider buying your frames second-hand. Of course, you will have to wait a few months after the initial release date to get your glasses. But, you will be amazed at what you can buy, even with a relatively tight budget. A good optician will happily refit your used designer frames with lenses that meet your needs.

More ideas

The above are the most effective ways to be able to afford the frames you really want, by far. But, if you would like a few more ideas, you will find some here.