How to Assemble a Killer Gift Basket


Sometimes, people give gift baskets to congratulate people for events like the birth of a new baby, an appointment at a new job, or sometimes, even moving into a new home. Very often, online stores like stock custom gift baskets you can purchase and deliver to your loved one. But then, it’s also great to assemble your own gift basket. You can fill it with items you know the recipient will love and admire.

Assembling a gift basket is a little bit of an art. You need to include the right materials, the ones that fit the occasion. In this post, we’re going to discuss five gift basket ideas for different occasions. You can also use them as inspiration and create your own original basket.

Gift Baskets for Teachers

This is a perfect gift for your teacher friend who’s just gotten a new job. However, you don’t have to wait until they get a new job. You can gift it to them, just for the fun of it. After all, nothing is more pleasant than a surprise gift.

For a teacher’s gift basket, you need a teacher-oriented theme. That doesn’t mean you have to fill the basket with red apples and crayons. A simple card or note will suffice to create the theme you’re looking for. You can either buy a card online or make one yourself and include a special message. You can also go bigger and get a mini blackboard with a sweet quote written in chalk.

Next, you need things you know your friend enjoys. You can put in a box of chocolates and cookies. Or, maybe they’ll prefer mini cakes. If they don’t like sweets, you can switch to cheese sticks and crackers.You’ll also need a drink, like a bottle of wine. Add other interesting things like coffee and peanuts. Don’t forget to keep the basket diverse and interesting. You want to put in enough items to make it full, but you shouldn’t put in the exact same things.

Gift Baskets for Business Partners

If you’re preparing a gift basket for your business partners or customers, you need a whole different approach. First of all, you need to find out what they like. You can ask their co-workers or employees for advice. Next, you need to ensure that you blow them away. If you’re banking on your gift basket bringing you some business in the future, you can’t buy cheap items.

Wine, chocolate, and cookies are classic items for a professional-oriented gift basket. You should be careful with sweets and only include them if you know the recipient enjoys them. You can include other items like golden honey sticks, truffles, and even popcorn.

You can also decide to go with a fruit basket. It’s a safe choice because everyone likes fruit. With a fruit basket, you have a wide range of items to go with, from apples and almonds to strawberries and cherries. Try to keep your selections diverse both in taste and in color. After all, one of the appeals of a gift basket is the numerous items inside.

The vital point to remember is that you should always go for premium brands. They can really help you communicate how much your client means to you and how much you value them.

Gift Baskets for Kids

You may be one of the cool relatives who love to give gifts to their nieces and nephews. Instead of getting them toys, you should consider sending them a gift basket, just for the fun of it. If you package it properly, they’ll love it all the same.

Preparing a gift basket for children is quite straightforward. But then, before you go crazy on the sweets, you need to make sure you get permission from their parents. Very often, parents prefer to control the amount of sweets their children consume for their own good. You definitely don’t want to give kids sweets they aren’t allowed to eat.

You can begin by making the basket itself unique and exciting. Try to find a customized basket, instead of a generic one. You could get one made in the theme of their favorite cartoon character, or even a fortune cookie. You can then pile on the candy goodness. Finally, remember that visuals are a huge part of compiling a basket for children. Make sure the content is full of exciting and colorful items.

Thank You Gift Baskets

Very often, people send gift baskets as a way to say thank you. It might be to appreciate a particular favor, or to just thank them for everything they’ve done and everything they are. When assembling a thank you gift basket, you don’t particularly have to adhere to specific rules.

Very often, it’s the thought that counts, and all you really need are items that the recipient will consider sweet and thoughtful. You should also consider including a special item. The item will depend on your relationship with the person, and it may be something as simple as a thank you card or a monogrammed mug.

The size of the basket is also up to you, but generally, the bigger the basket, the more it says.

Get Better Gift Baskets

It’s always difficult when your friend or loved one falls ill. You often wish that there’s something you could do. A get-well gift basket can speak volumes about how much you care about them and the fact that you’re thinking of them. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to feel confused about what to put into a get better gift basket.

It’s best not to overthink it. You should begin with a card and a message. Next, get them something practical and useful, like the latest issue of their favorite magazine, for example. Since they may be spending a lot of time in bed, try adding some DVDs and maybe a novel to the mix.

Tissues, socks, and juice are a good idea. You can also throw in some soup and snacks. The idea is to get them something useful. Once you have enough essential items, you can supplement with cookies,chocolate, and maybe some sweets.