Creating a Back-to-the-60s Glam Hairstyle


The 60s were a heady time for experimentation, sexual freedom, and civil rights altogether. A lot of social and political upheaval was simmering and reflecting itself in the music, art, and society of the time, and it showed in the pop culture that arose from the zeitgeist.

But we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here to talk about one thing that characterized the 60s – the hairstyles.

See, the 60s were really about the big hair. Like, really BIG hair.

Women’s hairstyles were characterized by volume, lift, and a lot of attitude, but yet exuding effortless class and femininity that still makes the hairstyles of yore timeless.

The afros.

The short bobs.

The bouffant.

All of these hairstyles are hallmarks of the 60s that still turn heads to this very day.

But perhaps nothing screams 60s glamour as the beehive updo does. It’s an iconic hairstyle that captivates many to this very day. While this hairstyle may be intimidating for some, it’s actually quite easy to style if you have the right tools to begin with.

Here’s how to channel your inner Brigitte Bardot.

Step 1: Apply root lifting product evenly on damp hair

The very first thing you’ll need to do is to apply and spray your damp hair with a root lifting spray. Make sure to spread it evenly such that it covers your entire head.

Step 2: Blow dry root lifting product into your hair

Now, using a blow dryer, apply the root lift spray into the hair and use some elbow grease with a ceramic brush to volumize your hair. This allows your roots to dry separately away from the scalp, promoting the zero-gravity panache of the beehive.

NOTE: Make sure to pack your own blow-dryer when styling away from home. Most hotel hairdryers are underpowered and just can’t cut the mustard for jobs like this (source).

Step 3: Wrap hair around curling tongs

As soon as your hair is dried out, flat wrap a section around a soft curling tong for about 8 seconds.

Step 4: Pin curls at the roots and cool them down

Pin your curls at their roots and cool each section off accordingly.

Step 5: Unpin the sections and tease hair lightly

Once your locks have cooled down, unpin each section and lightly tease or backcomb accordingly with a brush starting from the roots to create further volume.

PRO TIP: The more teasing and backcombing you do, the more volume and size your beehive will have.

Step 6: Gather hair and twist into a chignon

Next, gently brush your teased hair away from your face, gather it and twist it high into a chignon, and secure it in place with bobby pins as necessary.

Step 7: Firmly hold the beehive in place with a finishing product

Don’t let your efforts go to waste. Finish your Bardotesque beehive with a light, even spritz of a finishing hairspray product to keep your voluminous hive in place. Start from the front to the back, and focus on holding your beehive.

And that’s basically it – you’ve pretty much created the quintessentially timeless and chic 60s beehive. Pair it with your best power-dressing attire or a sexy party dress to emanate that carefree, easygoing, yet eternally glamorous look.

It’s a vintage hairstyle that you can use for any occasion – whether it’s a day full of meetings at the office, or if you’re rocking it during your next girls’ night out, or both – the beehive is here to stay.


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