Incredible Beauty Transformations That Show How Makeup Empowers Women

best beauty transformations

If you like to scroll down the explore feed on Instagram, you have probably seen dramatic beauty transformations that have blown you away. And some of those were most certainly created by the ultra-talented Moscow-based and Armenia-born beauty guru Goar Avetisyan. This gorgeous lady often gives makeovers to women suffering from serious skin conditions or even cancer. Not only that her work drastically changes their physical appearance, but gives these ladies a major confidence boost. After all, that’s what makeup is all about – empowerment! With 6.6 million and growing fan base on Instagram, Goar’s account is undoubtedly the place to turn to for makeup inspo that literally changs lives! Feast your eyes on these incredible beauty transformations that prove every woman can look like a celebrity.

Goar Achieves Flawless Complexion on a Model in Moscow

best beauty transformations
Photo By @goar_avetisyan/Instagram

This is one of the beauty transformations that got everyone asking how to achieve flawless skin despite issues like acne and scars. Goar revealed the secrets to her students in Moscow, doing the look in front of emerging many makeup artists.

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Written by Ivana Steriova
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