Some Tips on Getting the Whitest Teeth


Have you ever experienced a moment when you wanted to give someone a broad grin or wanted to laugh your heart out, but didn’t? Why? Because your teeth were a yellow, yellow dirty fellow, not white, white pretty smile-worthy. We all have been there at some point in time, and it is not only embarrassing but also irritating.

Smile has some magical powers that can win other’s hearts. But that magic fades away if your teeth are not white. Things could have fixed easily if brushing teeth was the solution to bring a toothy white smile, but it is not. Brushing your teeth saves you when things have not started going wrong, but might not do anything at all if you end up exposing your teeth to food and beverages that stain your teeth. But fortunately, neither it is the end of your life nor is it impossible to bring back the whiteness of your teeth.

Here are given some ways that can help you get a white smile…oh, I mean white teeth for a bright smile:

Avoid Stain Causing Food:

You don’t know, but many of your cherished food items and drinks are actually killer of your beautiful smile. Your beloved tea, coffee’s caffeine punch, and red wines’ enthralling sip can stain your teeth. If you can’t skip these drinks, use a straw for consuming them so that your teeth are not directly exposed to the staining liquid. Moreover, don’t forget to brush your teeth after every round of tea or coffee.

Consider Dental Treatment:

Thanks to advancements in dentistry, you can get white teeth through treatments. If things have gone beyond a tooth brush’s effectiveness, consider getting a dental touch-up. There are different whitening methods, and depending on each method, the period of effectiveness of these treatments also varies. According to expert doctors at Sky Dental Alliance, some treatments can last as long as one or two years. Whereas, others need the next round of procedure after six months. But this time period can fluctuate if you have smoking and drinking addiction, or can’t give up on staining drinks. You may need to visit your dentist more often in such cases!

Follow Dental Hygiene:

Sticking to good dental hygiene practices helps in saving your teeth before they start getting yellow. Brush your teeth daily, at least twice a day. It is even better if you brush them after every meal. Rinse with mouthwash, but more than rinsing, don’t forget to floss daily at least once. Flossing helps to remove bacteria and plaque from places where a toothbrush can’t reach. Oral hygiene might seem to overburden, but thinking of the reward will make it easier for you: You can smile whenever and wherever you want.

Go with Oil Pulling:

If you want to stick to natural ways of teeth whitening, oil pulling might help you. It is an Indian remedy to get white teeth in which oil is used to clean teeth, improve oral hygiene and kill bacteria. You can use any oil, but mostly sesame, sunflower, and coconut oil are swished in the mouth to kill bacteria that cause plaque and teeth yellowing. Besides getting healthy and white teeth, coconut oil has many other health benefits that you can get as perks along with oil pulling.

So, now you know the right trick to get white teeth: some oral care, dental touch-up and avoiding some habits can give you the desired smile – wide and bright one! Happy smiling!


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