What You Need to Know About the Beautiful Black Diamond


A lady's Rose Wedding Black Diamond Ring - ElenaBlack diamonds are among the most preferred of diamonds, and they create great additions and focal points to any item of jewelry. Whether you are seeking for an engagement ring, wedding ceremony ring, diamond necklace, or bracelet – a high quality black diamond provides a touch of elegance and to the jewelry. Just before picking your ring or necklace, make sure you know the diamond fundamental principles and preferred design options.

Generally there are several different colored diamonds out there; the demand for black diamonds is on the increase. The level of popularity for nonconventional engagement rings has improved in recent years, so the market for black diamonds has burgeoned. Not only can they give beautiful contrasts in all kinds of jewelry, they can also dress up or dress down an outfit, helping to make them more versatile.

Do Black Diamonds Really Exist?

They may not be that usual, but black diamonds are as genuine as white diamonds. There are two types of black diamonds: Genuine black diamonds that appear naturally and White diamonds that have been synthetically transformed to show up black. They’€™re both real but there’s an enormous difference between them. And if you plan on purchasing one, you have to know that there’€™s also a huge difference in value.

Natural Black Diamonds

Natural black diamonds are also known as fancy black diamonds or carbonados. And they are basically discovered in Brazil and Africa, making them very rare. Though vastly different in color, black diamonds have the similar chemical composition as white diamonds. But with their polycrystalline structure, they don’€™t reflect light. They also have an extremely high amount of inclusions, such as clusters of graphite, and amorphous carbon, which makes them seem black.

As to how black diamonds were created, some people say they created within the earth under high pressure, while other people think they arrived from space on an asteroid that fell to earth about 2 million years ago.

Treated Black Diamonds

White diamonds that have been transformed into black diamonds are also known as colorless treated black diamonds or black colored diamonds. White diamonds that have a huge amount of inclusions are used to create this type of black diamond, so they tend to be of much reduced value.

White diamonds with several inclusions are converted into black diamonds with the help of treatment options like heat or irradiation. And while you can find treated black diamonds in jewelry, they’re mostly used as industrial-grade diamonds, used for cutting and grinding tools. Treated black diamonds are more usual than natural black diamonds. So when choosing jewelry with black diamonds, keep in mind that man-made black diamonds do exist.

Are Black Diamonds Expensive and Of Low Quality?

Man Black Diamond RingBlack diamonds are generally cheaper than white diamonds mainly because of their color and structure, particularly treated black diamonds. However, they a€™re not low-quality stones, as even the treatment method doesn’€™t affect their durability. But since they have many inclusions and are porous, cutting and polishing them is tougher, which could outcome in blemishes and nicks on the surface. But, expert cutters can craft black diamonds with a smooth and polished surface.

Black Diamonds for Engagement Rings

Black diamonds are usually used to create dress rings in combination with white diamonds, earrings, and pendants. This usually means it is perfect to buy black diamonds for engagement rings here https://segaljewellery.com/collections/black-diamond! The black diamond engagement ring grew to become popular due to Mr. Big adding one on Carrie Bradshaw’€™s finger in Sex and the City 2 – a 5-carat black diamond ring set in 18-carat white gold.

If you are looking to think outside-of-the-box when it comes to engagement rings, a black diamond looks particularly great in a white setting, as it can make the stone stand out. But black diamonds also seem very good set in silver, platinum, and white gold. For a much extra contrast, try mixing black diamonds with white diamonds, as their sparkle will further enhance the visual appearance of your jewelry.

In fact, black diamond engagement rings are trending! It’€™s a bold way to reveal your style, and black diamonds are elegant, mysterious, and cool. What’s more, black diamonds symbolize everlasting love and eternity.


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