How to Increase Your Popularity at YouTube


So, you’ve uploaded a video on your YouTube channel and wonder why it isn’t hitting the number of views you expected. You’ve done an amazing piece of work (at least, you think it. If you don’t think that way, you shouldn’t have uploaded the video, right?). But when you check in, you’re disappointed and can’t understand what’s wrong. Well, maybe you didn’t pay attention to one of the following 5 steps to increase your popularity. Start with these small things to get as many subscribers as you want!

1. Make a keyword-rich title and a catching thumbnail

Maybe your video is really amazing. But no one will know this until he/she watches it. To increase your search rank, do the following:

  • Optimize your video title with key-words (Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Tool will help you).
  • An interesting caption will contribute to your competitive ability. Find a catchy shot in the video, and add a sticker or emoji using a tool like Canva.
  • Add a keyword phrase to your video caption.

Digital Discovery Networks conducted a study that proved captions on videos boost an overall increase of 7.32% in views on YouTube. During two weeks after adding captions, an increase reaches 13,5%. 

2. Be Engaging

So, you’ve enticed new viewers with a catchy title and a colorful thumbnail. A view is counted if the person who’s watching the video stays for longer than 30 seconds. So, in the intro, make your efforts to hook a viewer. You may start by a cheerful greeting, introducing yourself for new viewers, include a call-to-action and tease the end of the video. 

To keep the viewer captivated, follow the next tips:

  • Treat online engagement like real life communication. 
  • Make clear, simple, and digestible points 
  • Put emphasis on important tips or steps
  • Provide some humor

3. Be a Personality.

Bloggers with millions of followers on YouTube usually have their style. This is some funny self-invented phrases or movements, the same setting or background, a memorable way of signing off, or even the same structure in every video. 

Create an identity. Make up something that will make people remember you and return for more. This may be a challenging task, but a beneficial one for sure.

4. Encourage likes, commenting, and shares.

In the age of social networking, we’ve learned that everyone has an opinion. So, why not let people express it? 

Just say “If you’ve found this video funny/helpful/etc, let me know by clicking on the like button or write your impressions in the comment sections. Feel free to share!” When viewers hear this, they know that their opinion is valued and that you are willing to improve your content. 

Don’t forget to enable features such as sharing and embedding. How do you expect to boost your video’s popularity if people can’t share it with their friends?

5. Promote your other videos.

Include other videos from your channel in the end card, maybe the viewer will click on one. 

To keep viewers on your channel for longer, create playlists. But make sure the content fits together. For example, vlogs in one playlist, how-to videos in another. According to YouTube, “…other videos in the playlist [will] be featured and recommended when someone is viewing a video in the series playlist.”


Moreover, if someone likes your vlog, they click on the playlists and watch a set of videos. It’s more convenient than to look for vlog type videos in the main list.


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