The Best Ways to Boost Your Confidence


Self-esteem and confidence can be incredibly important to your general well-being, particularly because it can affect how you value yourself and how you perceive yourself. Whether you have low or high confidence can have a bearing on the decisions you make, how happy you are and how well you’re able to recognise your positives.

Your confidence can be easily knocked, whether it’s from worrying about your appearance or if you’re struggling with relationship problems or stress at work. It’s important to find ways that can help you to boost your confidence at times when you’re not feeling quite so self-assured. After all; you’re great just the way you are, you just have to remember it!

There are a number of positive actions you can take to help boost your confidence.

Be kind to yourself

Understanding yourself is so important if you’re hoping to boost how you feel about yourself. Take some time to remember the things you value, and the things that make you truly happy or that you’re good at. If you’re not feeling very confident, you can remember a number of activities that will restore your self-esteem, if only slightly!

It’s also key to challenge any unkind thoughts or comments that you might make about yourself. Just think; would you say those things to a friend? If no, you shouldn’t say them to yourself either. Instead, spend time looking at the positives and bigging yourself up where you can!

Treat yourself

If you’re not feeling quite so good about yourself, it might be time for some self-care; or retail therapy! It’s important to treat yourself every now and again and give yourself a little lift in mood.

There’s nothing better than buying a cheeky pair of sexy knickers to boost your confidence. Find a pair that fit you well and accentuate your figure, and instantly be reminded of how beautiful you are, both inside and out!

Practice being assertive

Being assertive is a guaranteed way to redeem some confidence, as it gives you a feeling of control over your affairs. Learn that it’s okay to say no sometimes! Saying no to something you don’t really want to do can be incredibly liberating.

By feeling confident in saying no, you can ensure your schedule is only filled with things that you enjoy, and also means you won’t be taking too much on in one go.

Look after your physical health

Looking after your physical health is often the first step in looking after any mental health issues you might be having, including a lack of confidence or low self-esteem. Getting enough sleep and following a healthy diet can be key to helping your body function properly, which means your mind can do the same.

If you feel it’s necessary, physical exercise can also make a huge difference to your frame of mind, as can getting outside for fresh air and switching off from social media!


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