Five Cities Every Fashion Lover Should Visit


True fashionistas know that it takes a global mindset to be stylish. They also know that some parts of the world are innovators and trendsetters in the fashion industry.

If you love fashion and travel, you can combine your two passions on a marvelous journey of discovery. Here are five cities in the world that every fashion lover should visit at least once.

Milan, Italy

Milan holds a top spot as a contender for the fashion capital of the world. Some of the most incredible luxury designer brands come from Italy, and Milan is a hotspot for showcasing one of the country’s many claims to fame. Visit the Golden Triangle of Via Della Spiga, Via Sant’Andrea, and Via Montenapoleone, which is home to stores like Prada and Armani, to name a few.

It’s worth noting that Rome is also making a name for itself in the world of fashion, as well as being a contender for some of the world’s best food. While it’s a bit of a journey from Milan to Rome, Tuscany is almost exactly between the two. You can spend a couple of days in a Tuscan villa sipping wine before continuing your journey south.

Paris, France

Get ready to shine in the city of lights. Paris is home to incredible designer brands like Hermès and Chanel. In addition to shopping at places like Louis Vuitton Paris, there are plenty of places to learn more about fashion and fuel your passion.

Visit the Musée de la Mode et du Textile within the Louvre and see thousands of pieces outlining the history of the fashion world. You could spend a full day at this separate museum inside an already incredible attraction. If you can swing it, head to Paris for Fashion Week and get ahead of the upcoming trends. Cap your days off with a cocktail at Le Montana, one of the hottest jazz bars in the world.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of the less recognized fashion hot spots on the list. This is an excellent trip for someone who loves history as much as they love shopping.

While it lacks the notoriety of Paris or Milan, Berlin has a strong fashion subculture that sends vibes around the globe. Berlin does host their own fashion week, but it’s the street fashion that people flock there for. The looks are often far more subtle and relaxed, but there are unspoken rules that fashionistas emulate without question.

While visiting Berlin, leave your heels at home. Sneakers are the go-to for fashion-forward footwear, and heels are turned away at the door of the hottest clubs. Visit the breathtaking Mall of Berlin, where you can get all your fashion needs under one roof.

London, England

London lacks the names of Milan and France and has a more polished look than Berlin. However, it’s also been making a meteoric rise in the world of fashion and boasts it’s own unique niche. Stroll along Portobello Road and shop at one of the world’s most famous designer markets.

London is all about classic lines and timeless pieces, and the London Fashion Week shares its notoriety with Milan, Paris, and the next city on the list.

New York City, USA

While the Eastern hemisphere certainly dominates the fashion industry, the city that never sleeps is a worthy contender in the world of fashion. This bustling metropolis is often referred to as one of the “Big Four” with Milan, Paris, and London.

From Fifth Avenue to the Lower East Side, there are vintage twists on haute couture wherever you look. It’s no wonder that the Big Apple is home to the world-famous MET Gala, where designers and celebrities tout the weird, wonderful, and absolutely fabulous.

No matter what city you visit, there’s always a place for fashion. Add these top five destinations to your travel bucket list and bring a new meaning to traveling in style.


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