The Worst Halloween Costumes Worn by Celebrities

A lot goes into planning a Halloween costume. You need to think about hair, makeup, and accessories on top of the outfit, itself. Well-thought-out costumes are really the best ones, as you can see all the time that went into them. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be time wasted. These celebrities definitely put a lot of time into their Halloween looks… but maybe they shouldn’t have. The celebrity Halloween looks in the following video will have you saying, “WTF!?”.  Did you favorite celebrity make our list?


Written by Malorie Mackey
Malorie Mackey is an actress and writer living in Los Angeles, CA. Malorie's first published book entitled "My Playboy Story: Hopping from Richmond to Hollywood" was published in 2017. Since then, Malorie's short story "What Love Has Taught Me" has been published in the anthology "Choices," and she has been writing and blogging about travel and adventure in hopes to publish her next book about travel soon. She believes that everyone should enjoy a little adventure in their lives. Check out