The Hottest Fall Fashion Trends You’d Want to Try RN

fall fashion trends

The fashion scene is serving us with some seriously retro trends. From romantic vintage puff sleeves to insanely loud ’80s neons, we are all about giving a modern spin to trends from the past RN. One thing is for sure: we are not going back to the minimalist aesthetic anytime soon. The more, the better is our motto for 2019, and we are embracing it in full force with statement prints and colors. We always keep a close eye on the latest trends in the fashion department. Below we gathered the hottest fall fashion trends for you to refresh your style this fall.

Brightly-Hued Outwear

fall fashion trends
Photo By @blaireadiebee/Instagram

If there’s one brightly-hued piece to shop for this fall, let it be a coat or a jacket. After all, when the temperatures drop, outwear is all people see, so you want it to be bold and loud. Not necessarily neon, but preferably very very vibrant.

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Written by Ivana Steriova
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