Preparing For an Event? Let your Outstanding Custom Canopy Tent Speak For You


Whenever you are preparing for an outdoor sporting event, a trade show, a festival or a fair, you want to make sure everything stands out. One of the significant investments you will have to make is for a canopy tent. Nothing speaks volumes about your brand more than the initial impression that people get when they get to your event—and your tents are the first thing they will see.  A colorful and functional customized tent will breathe life into your event and prevent any mishaps. Not sure what factors to consider when planning for a custom tent, below are several pointers you could use.

Target maximum brand visibility with canopy prints

To stand out, you should come up with great ideas of what you want your ideal tent to look like, and then order a custom canopy tent. With a customized tent, you get to choose personalized colors, logos, photos, printing, as well as how you want your roof and sides to look like. At your event, you have to make an impression on your potential customers and create an unforgettable experience. Use clear company logos and colors which are visible from a distance. You can use the tent to market your products or services, provide customers with contact information, or write up interesting and unique things about your brand.

Go for the correct size

There are a variety of legs and frame sizes that you will have to choose from. The size of your event should dictate the size of your canopy tent. The venue of your event will also matter. If the ground is small, get a tent that fits accordingly. You may need to visit the area beforehand to take the measurements.

Choose quality materials

When deciding which canopy tent you will settle for, go for sturdy materials that can withstand any weather. The last thing you need is a bad ending or an embarrassing moment when your tents fall off and ruin all the effort you had made to impress your customers. Go for tents made of steel frames as they are robust and heavy and can withstand storms. Aluminum frames make canopy tents easier to install, but you will have to keep your fingers crossed and hope that they will not bend to any pressure.

For the canopy, go for a fire-repelling and water-resistant polyester which is thick.

Check the diameter and thickness of the truss bars

The stability of your tent is dependent on the thickness and diameter of the truss bars. A tent with double-sided connectors makes it easier for you to connect the truss bars. When it comes to footplates, go for the sturdiest option, which is steel. You can also do aluminum but avoid plastic materials as they are likely to break at the slightest provocation.

Check the locking systems

Locking systems ensure the framework and components run smoothly both during installation and uninstallation. There are three types of locking systems you will find in the market. These are the button push, pull-in, and push trigger locking systems. You may choose whichever is easier for you to use. It is, however, good to note that canopy tents which are classified as commercial come with the pull-pin system.

Ensure your canopy comes with leg weights, sandbags, and anchors

If you source a canopy from a reputable company, it should come with anchors, sandbags and leg weights. These items give your canopy tent the extra support it needs so that it is not blown away by wind gusts. If your tent does not come with these items, be sure to purchase them. You do not want to risk your beautiful customized tent falling on your enthusiastic attendees and ruining your event.

Yes, having a custom canopy tent is a huge investment, but it is one that is worth every buck. As you make all the plans to have the perfect and most conspicuous tent that screams your brand, do not forget to also focus on getting a functional tent. Check the sturdiness of the materials used to make it, resistance to harsh weather conditions, and durability.