The Prettiest Dark Hair Colors For Fall

If you are not a fan of all the brightness entering the fall beauty department, we got you covered. Traditionally, the fall season calls for deep tones and rich shading. Going darker is much easier than going lighter as you don’t have to go through bleaching and other procedures to get the desired shade. You can easily hop on the dark side by dying your existing shade a level or two darker. For those looking for a more dramatic transformation, we sourced rich, seductive hues that don’t fall in the category of go-to dark hair colors such as black and brown. Before you decide to make a big change, keep in mind that dark hair color is harder to change. But if you are ready to stick to one dye job for a while, going darker is the right choice. Feast your eyes on the prettiest dark hair colors you could try this fall.

Deep Purple Hair Color

dark hair colors for fall
Photo By @hairhunter/Instagram

This season lavender hues are all the rage, but if that’s too bright for you, consider getting a rich purple dye job. You could add dimension to your hair with different tones.

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Written by Ivana Steriova
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