7 Efficient t-shirt printing ideas


Nowadays, people want to wear their favorite t-shirts on a daily basis as a t-shirt design is often one of the first things people notice about us. T-shirts represent our identity.

Having an outstanding t-shirt design is the key to give the message you want to put across the public. The greater the design, the more attention-grabbing your t-shirt will be. And if you’re looking for some creative yet outside-the-box t-shirt design ideas, you’ve landed on the right page. Following are 7 efficient t-shirt printing ideas for you, your company, and your loved ones.

1.    Typography Design

If you want to design t-shirts for your company or brand, then the focus should be on fonts. The fonts you select represent much about your brand. People usually go for serif fonts or script fonts because they look classic and modern.

Unlike other fields of graphic design, t-shirts printing gives us more opportunities to play with unique fonts while maintaining readability.

If you want to convey your desired message with the phrases printed on your t-shirts, then make sure they are not overshadowed by swirly, grungy, and loopy typography.

2.    Custom t-shirt Printing

One of the most cost-effective and interesting ways to market your business or encourage your brand is custom T-shirt printing. Custom and cheap t shirt printing can be used for several tasks like marketing, brand promotion, fresh product launch, school spirit equipment, business networking, conference, trade shows and much more.

Also, custom screen-printed t-shirts give a broad range of design choices to meet your specific requirements.

3.    Wraparound Print

If you want to get the more comprehensive screen-printing design, then go for Wraparound print. Screen printing not just be done on the front and back surfaces of the t-shirt, but t-shirts can also be custom printed on the side of the t-shirts.

Wraparound prints are usually patterned in a continuous design from the back to the front of the t-shirt. It provides a more eye-catching and noteworthy effect.

4.    Vector Artwork Design

People can also use vector artwork as much as they can in cheap t-shirt printing.

It allows the method of color separation super easy and simple, and the final print you get is more sharp and clear in the small details.

5.    Printed Sleeves

You can also go for printed sleeves design ideas as it provides more space for screen-printed designs and gives a prominent place for the logo or company name.

It can be printed in a horizontal way or even vertical running down the sleeves of a long-sleeved t-shirt.

6.    Draw Design with Hands

If an expert digital graphic designer is out of budget, then you should hire an artist who draws hand designs. If you are running a local business, partner with a famous local artist. Here, you have an opportunity to market your brand on a large scale by reaching those who are familiar with the artist.

7.    Use Bold Colors

For a cheap t-shirt printing, try to select bold and prominent colors. To make your color pop more go with a white or black shirt.

If you want printing design on a colored shirt, then pick colors with extreme care. Never put dark colors on a dark-colored t-shirt. For the light color shirt, select bright neon colors. So many bold colors in one design make people confused. So just pick one or two colors.

I hope with these exciting designs ideas for cheap t-shirts printing helps you to find creative options for your brand marketing.