What to do if you are in a car accident


Being involved in an auto accident at sometime in your life is almost inevitable. You can be as careful as one can be on their end. But even then someone else who might be too busy using their phone to check their WhatsApp, or making a call, or listening to music so loud that they won’t be able to hear the cars honking at him, will probably change lanes without checking their mirrors or signaling. The result is an accident!

Even if you are following all the rules on your end, others who don’t follow the rules can get you into trouble. Now it’s important that you know what measures to take in case you are in an accident. 

Steps to take in case you are in an accident:

The first thing you must do is stop. This is your legal obligation. Do not try to leave the scene because that will only put all the blame on you. 

After you have stopped the car, do not ever take responsibility for the accident, don’t admit your faults, even if you may have been partially at fault. All insurance company’s policies clearly state that in case of a car accident, the customers must never take the blame. Let your company do the talking for you if you expect them to take your claim. 

While you are at the scene of the accident, do not converse with the opposing party too much. That way, you might end up saying something that will get you into trouble later on, in case, the case goes to the court or the police. Only talk about the facts of the accident with the police,  with the medical professionals in case of injuries, or with your insurance representative.

After you are done with your work at the scene, another necessary step that you need to take is to file a proper report of the accident with all the facts. This way, the opposing party won’t be able to change things later on.

If you are involved in a serious accident, hiring a lawyer could be very important. These are some of the cases where you will need a lawyer’s help. 

· If there has been a serious injury like broken bones, or an injury that requires a long stay at the hospital or when health has been affected in any way.

· If someone has died in the accident.

· If there is medical treatment involved costing more than a couple of thousand dollars.

· If you have to miss more than a few days of work, or school, or any other daily activities.

· Non-economic losses like emotional trauma, pain and suffering, loss of companionship.

· In the case when there is a dispute over the fact that whose fault the accident actually was.

· If multiple people were harmed in the accident.

· If you have a feeling that the paperwork does not look accurate for instance, the police reports or the insurance communications have not been properly completed.

· If the details are complicated and you are having trouble understanding the technical details(technical, legal, medical).

· The insurance company is not being cooperative.

In case if you have received any injuries, then you may contact an injury lawyer. This injury lawyer cannot charge any fee until their customers have received compensation, either through a court judgment or settlement.

So if your facts are straight and an injury lawyer is willing to bet on you, then you have a high chance of getting a settlement or compensation.

So these are some important measures that you must take if you have been involved in an  automobile accident.